I stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE IT! Sir and I are not new to being switchy and it was his idea to be caged and feminized about a year ago. When I can tell he’s getting restless, I “demand” to lock him up. I told him we were going to participate in Locktober and he was excited. I began day 3 this morning as outlined (only when he showered, I washed his cock for him) and dried him off and gave him a little tease before locking him back up. He agreed to my terms today as well. My only issue is that he is now becoming a bit bratty and challenging and I’ve stood my ground, warning him there would be no play tonight if he didn’t fall back in line. Any advice on how to deal with the masculine aggression?

Well personally I kind of like it as hubby can be as challenging as he wants when he’s caged, and I’ll enjoy using the fact against him. I have to confess, and he doesn’t know this… earlier this year I deliberately caged him then ignored him for a few days as I WANTED him to get frustrated about it (that’s so bad but it was so hot). I set myself the secret challenge of not letting him out until he begged, which took four days, at which point I told him to prove how desperate he was by eating me out (I hadn’t even let him do that) and omg… and STILL I didn’t let him out that night which was driving him CRAZY, but I promised I’d let him cum the next day.

I fucked him with the strap on till he did, yep, I still didn’t let him out! I think it was a couple more days till he got his cock out of the cage.

It was actually really hard work – the ignoring bit – not something I’d do often, but interesting. But my point is, his cock is in a little cage to which only you have the key. Have FUN with that fact! Don’t just warn him, torment him! Make him eat you out for ages then just tell him you aren’t letting him out afterwards as you didn’t like how he spoke to you earlier. You just watch how much better he is the next day! And if he isn’t, make it worse! It’s a game, both of you agreed to and want to play, don’t worry too much about it and have fun tormenting him, it’s possible even he’s being bratty on purpose because wants this (although don’t let him get away with that…).

The single best use of masculine aggression with caging is getting him to fuck you with a strap on though. If you haven’t done it, just, wow… the cock you always dreamed of, attached to the man you love, who fucks you with unbridled passion and just keeps going until you’re done because he can’t cum! It’s AMAZING!

Read about why I love our strap on here

But on the whole it seems like you’re doing the right thing, you have the key, and you shouldn’t be afraid to… not use it!

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