Hello. Question What is the difference between Chastity And a sexless relationship. You husband is in chastity. Me and my wife have a sexless marriage. Reason for us is mostly health related. My wife has mobility issues and nerve damage pain Myself anxiety, OCD and low testosterone no libido. Thank you

Well it’s anything but sexless, we tend to have MORE sex than we did before discovering all this, but a lot of the time now he doesn’t get an orgasm as part of that. Most often I’ll edge him but not let him cum, other times he stays caged up and just goes down on me, or for a proper session I’ll have him wear a big strap on and use that on me, or I might use it on him. 

It’s hard to say what would work for your health situation but if you’re browsing the blog and interested enough to write to me, and getting aroused by what you read here, then why not try it? Who knows what slipping a cock cage on you might do to your libido, my hubby’s is higher than ever with it on, that’s for sure. And the beauty of it for me is that even NOT having sex has become a turn on for him, as I’m keeping him frustrated and hot by doing it (as long as I’m still paying him attention).

If you get it from Lovehoney and decide it’s not for you then you can just return it for a full refund for up to a year anyway.

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