Hello again! I need advice again. I said before that my bf is better with his tongue and the dildo than he ever was with his cock. After I read about your experience with the King Cock Girthy, I got one for myself…OH MY GOSH I actually cum from intercourse now! The problem is that I’ve found myself thinking more and more about what a real one would feel like, and I’m addicted to this new sense of power…So now I’m dangerously close to cuckolding him! How do you keep the temptation away?!

I’m so glad you are enjoying the different that amazing toy makes! It’s incredible isn’t it, and even with it just as a strap on, it’s still very intimate I find, especially in missionary or spooning. But just like getting oral, he’s focused on giving me pleasure, which also really arouses him!

In regards to the cuckolding, I think it’s just realising that even if you find it a hot fantasy the reality can be incredibly destructive. Whenever you introduce another person into a relationship you have lost control of where it is going to go. Even a threesome can have a huge negative impact as far as I’ve ever seen. 

When you think about the possible negative consequences it’s a bit of a cold bucket of water on the fantasy in my opinion, which is why for most people that’s exactly what it should stay.

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