Why It’s Important For Her To Cum First:

(It makes her happy and relaxed.  It makes him horny and excited.  Let the games begin!)

I like to start our nightly play sessions with at least one good orgasm for me. His hands (my favorite), or his lips, or grinding against his stiff cock, or my vibrator – whatever I’m in the mood for. It doesn’t matter how I do it, my orgasm always hypes him up better than anything else I’ve tried. Seriously… if you want to whip your man into a happy, horny frenzy, just do whatever works for you – whatever brings you to climax in his arms.

Then it’s his turn. While I’m still basking in my afterglow, he usually wants to climb on top and start fucking right away. Slow at first, but he’s so hyped up, the slow stuff doesn’t last long. I’m totally okay with this! Go ahead! I’m still high from my first climax. His raw power and burning need only takes me higher. Knock yourself out!

I would be perfectly happy if he came, right then and there. But, being the thoughtful, giving husband that he is, he usually gets close and backs out. He wants me to cum again, so he’s holding back. Silly, lovely men. Now this is the fun part…

At this point, I have all the power. If I want another orgasm, I can climb on top and grind one out against his dick; or I can slip him inside me, sit/lay still, and vibe my clit; or just order him to get me off with his hands or mouth again.

But, honestly, I get more enjoyment taking full advantage of the fact that he’s trying to hold back. I can turn aggressive and start fucking him really hard – watch him squirm, sweat, and panic. Total honesty here: if I do that, I usually get so excited that I can’t stop myself, and I fuck him till he cums. As much as I love teasing and dragging things out, good sex is just too hot to stop sometimes. #SorryNotSorry

But if I’m feeling a giving mood, I give him what he wants: I help him hold back. We have sweet, slow sex, whatever way I want, for as long as I want. I take his cock in my hands, stroke him to the edge of orgasm, and hold him there… five minutes… ten minutes… If I’m in a loving mood: twenty minutes. It’s easy once he’s close. That’s why this is the fun part – he thinks it’s his husbandly duty to hold back his orgasm until I am completely satisfied. He will try SO HARD not to cum without my permission, and it’s one of the sexiest struggles I’ve ever seen. He does this to himself! Silly, lovely men.

If I tease him enough, he goes into a compliant, pseudo-orgasmic trance. I actually envy him, it looks really nice. At that point, it’s better if I don’t let him cum. For tonight, he’s basically as good as satisfied, and I either let him pleasure me again, or we curl up and go to sleep. For tomorrow, his sexual energy has been amplified, multiplied, and stored for an even better orgasm, when (if!) I decide to give it to him.

When I stop and tell him to put his dick away, he usually acts frustrated and might even beg me to finish him. It can be flattering but is mostly just annoying. It’s important that I give him hope – I say things like, “Tomorrow will be even better, baby.” Or, “It’s for your own good. You’ll thank me later.” Stay positive, compliment him on his performance, and don’t let him feel rejected. He remembers these words and stays horny for me all day, till we play again. I get the sweetest texts from him, during the next day, every time I edge and deny him! I know he’s thinking of me, and, I admit, it feels really good.

The next night, he’s eager to do it all again! Exactly the same deal, starting with a nice orgasm for me. And, depending on my mood, ending with some nice long edges for him – building him up for the next day (and the next, and the next…) till I feel like seeing him pop. He loves it.

A wonderful post from one of my favourite blogs! The idea that I cum first is a big part of lots of our playtime. We’re still flexible with it though, sometimes if he wants me more aggressive he’ll just edge me at first, that’ll leave me horny but not satisfied which puts me in a meaner mindset quite effectively. But almost always now (it was so different in the past when he used to deny me all the time…) I’ll end up cumming, and… he won’t! Yay!

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