I knew I did just enough to tip you over that edge. All I can do now is look at your cock and wait for it to erupt.

I’ve repeatedly promised to write a full #journal entry about so-called ruined orgasms.  I find them insanely hot, and (in my humble opinion) they are an important part of a loving, consensual, playful, and sexy tease & edging dynamic.  My husband hates them and loves them at the same time – but he mostly loves them, because it means little or no refractory period, so the fun never stops!

I will explain all about it in an upcoming #journal entry, soon.  What a “ruined” orgasm actually is; why it’s great; what it feels like for him; how to achieve it; how to add it to teasing and edging; mind games; tips & tricks; and more!  Stay tuned and thanks for following!

Looking forward to it!

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