“Morning Wood” Tease Routine

by: HealthySexyMarriage

This routine is perfect after 5-14 days of intense edging and denial.  At least 5 days, because you need him at the level of frustration where he’s waking up with reliable, rock-hard morning wood, every day.  Probably not a good routine after more than 14 days of denial, because this allows him to touch and (if you permit) edge himself, which can strain his willpower, and you don’t want him to fail in his own hands.  After 14 days, I personally avoid games that allow him to touch himself – I tie him down and do most of the handywork myself, to keep any “accidents” to a minimum.  And if he’s going to fail, I prefer to have him fail in my hands, so I can control whether to ruin him or not.  Anyway…

This routine is best for a lazy, no-obligations weekend morning.  It takes around half an hour.  Or, depending on your mood, it can go much longer.

Get out of bed before he wakes up.  Get your coffee, brush your teeth, center yourself – do whatever you usually do for yourself in the morning to wake yourself up and make you feel like “you.”  You want to be fully awake and energized, because you will be exploiting the fact that he wakes up groggy and confused.

Dress casual-bedroom-sexy.  That might be panties + t-shirt.  Or maybe your softest pj pants + slippers + bra.  Or maybe just that huge hockey jersey you like.  Whatever makes you feel comfortable and sexy.  Save the uncomfortable black lacy butt-floss for another time… imho.

Wake him gently, warmly, with kisses and maybe a good, firm snuggle.  Ask how he slept.  Bask together in the morning light.  Run your hands over each others’ bodies.  Escalate slowly.  If he didn’t have “morning wood” already, he will now.

Ask him, “Did you dream about me?

Shush him before he can answer, then slowly crawl your hand down his body to his cock.  There’s your answer!

Act surprised – mildly scandalized.  Push away and hop out of bed.  Yank the blankets all the way down past his feet, leaving him totally exposed.  If he tries to get up, order him to stay, flat on his back.  Tell him you want to “see it.”  If he’s wearing underwear, pull it off.  “Show me!”

Tell him, “Well if that’s what you want – let’s go, stud!  Right now!”

While standing bedside, get your bottle of lube, take his hand, and pour a lot more than usual into his palm. (every couple keeps lube nearby, right?) Tell him to “get it ready for me – nice and slippery!”  

It’s important that you hold the lube bottle, not him.  And you pour it into his hand, not onto his body.  This forces him to lube his cock with his own hand – essentially stroking himself, while you stand over him and watch.  Feel free to touch yourself, if watching him makes you hot.  But no matter how thoroughly he lubes himself, smile, tell him “More – I want you really wet!”, and pour more lube into his hand.

You can be crafty to convince him it’s necessary.  You can fib like, “I just woke up, so I’m really dry.  I need you extra, super slippery or it’ll hurt… No… A lot more slippery than that… Really cover everything.  Work it in there… Every inch… Here, use both hands…” (more lube)

When he’s so soaked in lube that you can’t plausibly get away with giving him any more, tell him you’re not convinced.  Tell him to make a tight fist.  “Tighter.”  Then make him “prove” how slippery he is by fucking his fist.  “No, harder… Faster… Fuck it like it’s me… Show me… I’m not convinced… Clench tighter… Show me exactly how hard you plan to fuck me…”

Congratulations!  You now have an edged, teased, and 5+ day denied man in your bed, on his back, wrecking himself at your command.  At this point, you can drop the pretense.  You both know it’s a game; this is part of his tease – but he still doesn’t know what you have planned next.  You got him started with the promise of sex – he’s still hoping it’s true.  He’ll keep wrecking himself, fucking his slippery fist as hard as you want, as long as he thinks there’s a chance you might finish him.

So talk to him.  Tell him to keep going.  Kneel by the bedside and touch yourself.  Wet your fingers and let him suck them.  Enjoy the show, as long as you like!  Let him edge, if you feel like it.  Or not.

Then, abruptly, get up and walk away.  “Okay, stop.  That was fun!  Get dressed.

 Maybe later, I’ll finish what you started…”

This is the part that really tests his willpower.  He’s on his back, near the edge, and release is in his own hands.  But if he’s strong and wise (and if there’s a glimmer of hope in his future!) he will obey.  And his brain will be buzzing, all day long, with thoughts of what you did to him that morning.  A perfect way to start the weekend!!

Another fabulous idea from HSM – it’s rapidly becoming my favourite blog!

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