Head-Play: Excellent Technique!

This is called “head-play” or “polishing the knob.”  It is an entirely different sensation from stroking the shaft, massaging the sweet spot, or massaging his prostate.  Head-play is much more intense, to the point of being uncomfortable if you do it for very long.  It’s probably similar to the way that direct clitoral stimulation can be profoundly uncomfortable (yet intense) sometimes.

Mix this into your usual handjob or blowjob technique, as another way to keep things fun and interesting.  Hold the base of his cock steady and use plenty of lube with a mostly light touch, exactly as shown in the gifs above.

You can also lube your palm and rub your palm, face-down, fingers flat, over the head in a circular motion, like waxing a car.  That’s called “palming,” and is pretty much the most intense type of head-play.  Few mortal men can withstand palming for more than a minute.  See how much your man can handle, before he starts squirming, kicking, and trying to get break free from your grip.

Similar to clitoral stimulation shortly after female orgasm (for many women), extended head-play is so uncomfortable for most men that the sensation becomes indistinguishable from pain – all the reflexive reactions are the same: involuntary sweating, kicking, yelping, trying to escape, crying “stop!”, etc.  And yet, just like post-orgasmic clitoral stimulation, head-play alone can trigger male orgasm, even through the “pain.”  Which is why it’s not the same as actual pain.

To explore head-play induced orgasm, you will need a safe word – because he is definitely going to kick and squirm.  It will look (very convincingly!) like you are hurting him, and you need a way to know if the “pain” is tolerable or not.  It goes without saying… if he uses the safe word, you need to stop immediately, then discuss whether to continue.

I also strongly recommend that you tie him down for this – all four limbs, preferably spread-eagle.  Don’t just tie him up.  Tie him down. (see the difference?) If free to move, he will involuntarily try to shield his crotch by twisting his hips, lifting his knees, or just covering himself with his hands.  This is so disruptive that it becomes nearly impossible for you to craft his orgasm.  The psychological effect of being tied down also helps him “let go” and cum, since struggling is worthless.

And finally, you should know that head-play is the best way to give a man the gift of multiple orgasms.  Head-play is so intense that it short-circuits the “shutdown” reflex that usually follows male orgasm.  Start by tying him down and giving him a normal orgasm using your usual methods (cowgirl, blowjob, handjob, whatever).  Alternatively, you can “ruin” his first orgasm by abandoning his cock a second or so before ejaculation (read elsewhere on this blog for info, tips, and advantages of so-called “ruined” orgasms).  Give him a few seconds to finish cumming and catch his breath.  Massage his body, but not his cock, while you wait.

Now, before his cock starts to wilt, grab it and immediately begin intense head-play.  He – Will – Go – Berserk.  Be ready for violent kicks, thrashing, screams of “pain,” and even crying!  My husband has literally cried when I did this for him. (always have a safe word!)  This is why you tied him down earlier.  Now just stick with the head-play and a little bit of stroking until he cums again.  It should take less than five minutes; sometimes as little as one minute.  Let him cum; let him breathe; then do it all again!  And again!  Tah-dah!  You just treated him to multiple orgasms!  He will thank you when he regains consciousness.

Great to see HSM posting again!
This is an interesting post, I’ve never seen the described effects… which of course means now I’m going to have to go and try, extensively! lol

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