Break Him Carefully

Halfway there!  A month and a half ago, my amazing, sexy husband agreed to three months of constant tease and denial, without release.  Since then, almost every night, 7 nights a week (and sometimes in the morning, too!), we work together to make me cum as much as I want, then I edge him intensely, over and over again, to my heart’s content.  Sometimes we’re quick – half an hour and off to sleep.  Sometimes we linger – time flies when you’re having fun.  But the key is that we make time to do it every night, with only a few (very few!) missed nights.  I’ve never slept better in my life…

I adore this man.  He trusted his most intimate, primal, involuntary reflex to my care – knowing, full well, that I intended to break him.  I promised to reduce him to a sweaty, leaky, quivering, begging mess of a man.  I warned him that I planned to make it difficult – that I was going to truly challenge him, just to see how much he could handle – to prove, once and for all, that his body could physically endure so much more than his mind ever imagined.

When we started six weeks ago, we had an honest, open conversation about what was about to happen – what we were about to do.  We discussed our limits and set a safe word.  We agreed that if it ever stopped being fun, for either of us, we would stop.  During that conversation, he honestly admitted his doubt about two things:

First, he doubted we would make it this far.  He doubted my commitment to denying him.  His exact words, “There will be a night when things get so hot, you won’t be able to resist making me cum.  I know you.  You won’t make it three months, but it’s fun to try.”  My reply, “Challenge accepted!”  And so far, so good.  Sooo fucking good!  To my husband’s total amazement and slight alarm, I haven’t even ruined him.  Yet…

Second, he doubted I could truly break him.  Break his mind, that is (not his body!  I need that!).  When I promised to send him into the deepest, darkest, most desperate, mind-scrambling frenzy of lust he’s ever experienced, he honestly doubted that such a mindspace existed.  He knows how it feels to be relentlessly edged, teased and denied for days at a time.  He knows the beautiful frustration of being milked and ruined, over and over again.  He’s begged – literally begged – for orgasm before, and heard me say “No.”  He’s been there.  He survived those things without ever truly losing his mind, and he figured this would “just” be more of the same.  Three months of intense fun, but nothing truly new.

And… to be honest… I wondered if he might be right.  His doubt motivated me to find out.  It made me edge him harder.  It made me stop and let go, every time my instinct screamed at me “He’s a man!!  Make him cum!!”  It’s why I insist on playtime every night, no matter what’s happening in our daily lives or how tired I feel.  I wanted to know… to genuinely know… could I break him?  Is it even possible?


Last night, I’m proud to say, I finally… carefully… definitely broke him!

After six weeks of daily edging, teasing, and denial, we started off “routinely” enough.  We played and cuddled to warm up, then I tied his wrists to the headboard of our bed.  He is hypersensitive and leaking almost constantly now, so I mounted him very slowly and carefully, avoiding any motion that might resemble a thrust.  We kissed, and I took my time, just enjoying the sensation of him throbbing inside me.  Eventually I got my favorite toy and vibed myself to glorious climax on his denied cock.  A perfect start.

I retired to languish at his side in a blissfully relaxed haze, alternately vibing, tickling, and stroking his cock through a string of easy edges.  Easy for me, that is… My head resting on his chest, my hair spilling over his body, my leg hooked with his… It was so serene, I almost fell asleep.

I didn’t even notice the time.  I didn’t even notice when an hour slipped by.  And then two hours.  I was in a warm, post-orgasmic trance… perfectly comfortable… watching his beautiful, raging cock strain so sweetly in my hands… lost in my own little world of loving him… It was just so easy.  And, as nonsensical and silly as it sounds, I loved him for it.  I loved that he found me so beautiful, so irresistible, that he couldn’t stop himself from edging for me.  It made me feel like the most amazing woman in the world.

So I almost didn’t notice when his grunts faded, and the quivers started.  He startled me with a raspy, crackling whisper, “Baby, please… Pleeease!…”

It was the most earnest plea I’d ever heard in my life.  Something in his tone, beyond the words alone… a moment purely between us, when all facades crumble.  He was breaking.  Finally breaking.  This is how it starts…

I immediately perked up.  I needed to see his face, to confirm it for myself.  Yup… he was gone.  His eyes were open, but there was no mind behind them.  His lips were moving, but only a few airy words slipped out.  A lot of “please” and “fuck” and sometimes my name, over and over again.  My heart swelled with happiness for him.  I didn’t say a word – I didn’t want to interrupt his journey.  I just kept lightly gliding my fingers along his cock… carefully, invisibly guiding him through space… knowing that he needed me… that he could never do this to himself.  Weeks of hard work (for both of us!) was finally paying off…

No way I was going to let this moment end any time soon.  I completely forgot how tired I was, or how late it was.  I kept going… carefully… lightly… soft touches ONLY – because just one firm, hard stroke probably would have ended it.  At one point, when he was sweating, quivering, and babbling, I offered him a chance.  I whispered, “Remember, we have a safe word.”  That’s the only time I “broke character.”  I’m sure he heard me; I’m sure he understood.  He didn’t say anything, though.  He just kept begging, “Please… please…

He wanted to stay.  So I made him stay.

He wanted to be broken.  So I broke him.

He said it was the best night of his life.  I believe it.  And we have another six weeks to go…

I was just wondering how these guys were getting along with their 3 month challenge. This is incredible, thank you so much for sharing, sounds fabulous!!! I hope we can experience that too!

I guess my only hesitation is it doesn’t sound like anything’s ‘breaking’. Traditionally breaking is a pretty aggressive BDSM term for taking away a sub’s will through various means.
What you describe is much more like what we’d call ‘subspace’ which is a semi-euphoric state of bliss brought about by an intense experience and connection with someone.
I’m going to go even further and coin a term of ‘edgespace’. Much nicer than ‘breaking’ don’t you think? 🙂
Apart from that though, amazing, love you guys!!! I want to give this experience to hubby now! lol

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