HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! What have you decided to do for 2016 with regards to your husbands denial? Did he have any access to you on New Year’s Eve again?


I went with my first idea, which is that he gets to flip a coin once for every time that he makes me cum.

  • If he can get three heads in a row, he earns a ruined orgasm.
  • Or he can deny himself the ruined orgasm and shoot for four heads in a row for a full satisfying orgasm.
  • Or again he can deny himself the satisfying orgasm and shoot for five heads in a row for pussy sex.

After midnight on New Years Eve, and we got back to our hotel, I let him eat me out, and then I massaged his horny frustrated cock until he was on the verge of exploding. Since he made me cum eating me, he got to flip a coin. I say he got to flip the coin, but actually, I’m the one flipping it, and we look on together as I lift my hand off the coin to see the results. Tails. I was tired, so we went to sleep.


We woke up this morning, and of course his morning wood was burning a hole in the sheets, so I let him eat me out again. Since he made me cum again, I massaged his frustrated cock back to the verge of exploding, and then let him have another flip of the coin, which was tails again. So far no progress toward any relief for him, but then, it is still only the first day of the New Year.

He was so horny, he wanted to try eating me out some more, but I was more in the mood for breakfast, so I locked his cock up in chastity, we got cleaned up, and we went down for breakfast. Just to tease him some more, I skipped wearing any undergarments when I got dressed, and I wore his chastity key as a charm on my bracelet, which kept clinking musically against my plate as I ate breakfast.

So far, that’s as far as things have gone, but I’m loving this new idea. I could see the look in his eye, that the denial was driving him crazy. That’s what I like to see when I gaze into his eyes. I think 2016 is going to be a good year for the both of us.


Really interesting thoughts on how to control her hubby’s orgasms. I’m still not completely sure how it’s going to work for us but I think he’ll be spending more time caged and cum less.
It’s feeling weirdly normal now.
Honestly, if you’d told me this a year ago I’d have laughed in your face… who’d have thought?!
I think I like it a bit more random and up to me though. The games of chance are fun and this one has lots to commend it, and maybe I’ll use something like that sometimes. But I prefer it ultimately coming down to me.

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