Good morning , I just want to say my fiancée and myself are fans of your page! We are new to the chastity world and so far have both been enjoying it. So far we can only do a week or so at a time as our current cage isn’t the best of quality. We are curious if you had any recommendations on a mid range price point cage good for longer term use?

Hi there, thanks so much for the lovely feedback! So great to meet a younger couple into this. OMG the fun we’d have had if we’d got into this before we got married – he’d have been locked up for months before our wedding day! Ring on my finger, cage on his cock lol

Okay, so we’d highly getting a good metal cage. The wonderful thing is they are cheaper than the plastic ones in many cases now! God bless China’s cheap labour.

You can buy them from ebay or China direct but we recommend the website Toys4NaughtyBoys as they quality check their stuff, have guarantees and are still really reasonably priced. Also it gets to you REALLY fast, their shipping is great.

Have a look at our reviews on this page for the cages we’ve tried and recommend.

Jane xxx

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