Get in his head – tease him about something he really wants

My husband has wanted to have anal sex with me for years but I’ve never really fancied it. We play around with the idea and I kind of like  him rubbing iti when I’m really turned on, and he likes me playing with his bum but no, never had his cock in there.

Until now.. lol

You see I got the idea of teasing him about it when he was caged, I’d sit above him and rub myself against his caged cock and then found myself saying, ‘I bet you’d love to stick it in my bum right now’

I think the cage nearly burst.

So then I said some more things like, ‘You know it’s funny, I never really wanted it before but if you weren’t caged right now I think I’d love it. What a shame’

‘Would you like that baby? Would you like to stick your hard cock in my virgin bum hole? Do you want revenge for me locking you up?

I swear if he wasn’t tied down and caged he’d have buggered me right then! It was SO HOT!

I haven’t seen him want me that much since the early days of our relationship.

The irony is that the whole thing turned me on so much I actually let him do it to me on our wedding anniversary… and confession time, I really loved it (yeah I know, Im’ dumb for never trying it before) (Make him research how to do it well when caged too, that drove him crazy but it meant even our first time was good!)

Protip – you can never use too much lube!

It may not be anal, it might be all kinds of things you know he wants sexually but haven’t done, but teasing him when caged is a great idea. Maybe it’s having sex somewhere public, swallowing his cum, a facial, cumming on my boobs, whatever – try it!

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