A ruined orgasm is another way of asserting control over the male

The most pleasurable element of male orgasm isn’t the orgasm itself, but the heightened sensitivity of the penis, particularly the glans, during orgasm.

 If all sensation is denied the moment the orgasm starts, the pleasure is reduced by a good 80%. A ruined orgasm also often leaves the male feeling slightly unsatisfied and eager for more reward, which is a better option for keeping him in the proper mindset.

She’s doing it wrong

From my testing (I’ve really got into giving these…) Apparently it feels much, much less pleasurable when you either stop contact completey, or hold his cock much further down. Her squeezing it like that would feel pretty damn good.

The reason to hold it, is if he’s spurting, it’s quite fun to direct it! lol

The perfect ruined one, and I’m still not quite sure how it happens, is when you get the cum to just flow out but not spurt, it’s so hot! It’s just about finding the exact tipping point and stopping, I think.

There’s about a ten second delay before the cum can come out sometimes, so don’t be too fast to go back!

Hubby stays really horny after this, but it takes about five minutes for him to get back to it. So…. my really nasty twist is to make him cum into a glass, get him horny again, and then make him drink it (for another orgasm if he can perhaps or to avoid being caged again…). The hottest one is me pouring it into my mouth and then kissing him – we do that anyway sometimes after a blowjob. From a glass is more clinical and mean, when I feel like a bitch… he expects me to swallow… this is payback.

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