I like the way she says “a few kisses to warm you up”… 🙂

Anyway, here’s something that I actually learned from my blogging activity. The topic of rimming (or anal-oral sex) keeps popping up in my captions, although I wouldn’t have thought that this was a particularly strong fantasy of mine, or an important part of our real sex life in the first place. The reasons for all this are fodder for the psychologists, but some guesses may still be allowed:

  1. The pictures showing a little butt are so hot, aren’t they? No doubt that this is a major point.
  2. For my wife, her anus is definitely a hot spot. She is absolutely
    embarrassed about this (which is lovable about her 🙂 but the point is,
    rimming deals with an erogenous zone.

  3. To me rimming demonstrates the fact that enforced chastity – or a
    severly elevated level of arousal – can get you to do things you
    normally wouldn’t dream of… which is the point she’s making in
    the above caption.

  4. Providing a rim job is somewhat altruistic, so that goes perfectly with the general tendency of many chastity-related captions.

Any other ideas or explanations?

I was totally the same as his wife. Even the idea of this kind of freaked me out for years! However, since trying the cage hubby told me how much he wanted to try this on me. I finally relented and after a VERY thorough shower he did it and omg… I’m a fucking idiot. It feels AMAZING! He slides a finger in me and/or rubs/vibes my clit at the same time and it is just the hottest kinkiest thing ever.

Plus I KNOW how hot it gets him when I ask tell him to do it, seriously, nothing gets him harder faster than me rolling on my tummy and telling him ‘my bottom needs some attention darling’.

If you aren’t doing this regularly to your caged man, you totally should! Trust me.

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