“I know this must feel pretty unnecessary to you, but I have to come here and edge you every lunch break so I can be certain you don’t forget your aching balls. I mean, it’s already hours after I edged your hard, denied cock in the morning, and it will be hours before I can pump your balls even fuller in the evening.

By the way, do you think your secretary knows that you’re my stroke toy with a denied cock and full, blue balls? That would certainly be humiliating to you, wouldn’t it? It would certainly be unfair of me to tell her. I bet she would love to hear that, would get her crush on you wash right off.”

I’m sure I’ve posted this before but it’s so hot!
I imagine her having just edged hard before popping into the office, closing the door and sliding her panties off, which is what she’s got pressed against his nose.

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