Yes! Look at your hard, throbbing cock! It’s mine now! It’s separated from you! The wood board is just there for you to grasp this concept. You don’t control it anymore! I do! And I can do with it whatever I want!

I can tease you all day long or totally deny you for a week!
I can make you cum so hard that you won’t stop shaking for the rest of the day or lock you into a chastity cage!
But most of the time I will edge you over and over again until you are a precum dripping wreck! Just like now! Because that’s what turns me on the most! And it’s down to me if I use a ticklish feather, a vibrator, my soft hands, my sensual mouth or my seductive wet pussy to arouse you to the brink of orgasm! I decide how I want to play with my cock!

But don’t worry! You still have a say! If you please me good enough, you may ask me nicely to make you cum. And if you are lucky I will grant you your wish!

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