Early on in your blog you mentioned that you were naturally submissive and the cage ‘leveled the playing field’. Recently though I saw you only let him have a full penetrative orgasm about once a month now? Have things changed?

I don’t think I’ve changed that much, a submissive attitude is still my default position and we’ve really always been quite switchy. It still varies quite a lot, we have weeks where we are too busy or one of us is ill etc and we won’t do much tease or denial at all. This is real life after all. However, our natural routine has settled down to him cumming at most once a week, more often once every two weeks, so him only having ‘a full penetrative orgasm once a month’ isn’t really shocking in that context.

It’s absolutely not a female led relationship. He’s still dominant in many ways, and actually at times him not cumming makes him even more sexually aggressive (in a good way).

It’s simpler hotter and better when I don’t let him cum, and keeping him in a cock cage accentuates all of that!

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