Do you utilise milking in your play? Is there a routine? Do they make him more horny or less?

A little bit, I just posted one about milking where hubby was on all fours but what you mean is when he’s just emptied from prostate massage I guess?

We’ve managed that a few times using a dildo or most often a butt plug with a magic wand vibe attached. It just started flowing out of him, it was so cool! It was pretty like a ruined orgasm, it made him less horny but not for as long as a full orgasm would have. But it was even less satisfying I think as no squirting at all (as you get with a ruin if you do it perfectly).

But I honestly like to keep his balls nice and full so milking’s not something we do routinely, I prefer to save it up for a good ruin or a big orgasm!

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