Do you have advice for how to show my wife the true benefits of keeping me locked? We have a device, and we have talked. She keeps me locked sometimes, but when we started I asked that she read things like your blog to understand my desire. She doesn’t want to read anything. She said she’d rather see how it goes herself. I’m unlocked more often than not, and I service her far less than I’d like. Should I just ask her to read your blog again? I don’t want to push. She wanted it to be natural.

Hi anonymous husband,

I can understand her being reluctant to read things but also if it’s something you’re really into then it’s worth her getting educated about it. However it’s a bit of a minefield, I know. I’m kinky as fuck and stuff I see in my feed every day still shocks me, and I know even mine has lots in that would throw people off.

My best advice is to create a shared, private tumblr blog and YOU curate four or five things that you would like her to read, some advice, recommendations on how it helps intimacy, and maybe a few cute captions that aren’t too explicit. Ask her to try that, see if she likes it, and if so, do it some more, no pressure but just a little message sometimes saying you blogged things for her.

Then if she gets used to that, she can subscribe to a few of the safer blogs on here and maybe add some she likes for you!

Try my advice and safe tags (below) for some from this blog

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