Did you ever tell your girlfriend that you lock you husbands cock in a cage? If yes, what was her thoughts/reaction? His thoughts/reaction?

I did actually! I thought I wrote about it but I can’t find it.

She really didn’t know what to think. It was quite funny. She thought I was making it up as a joke to begin with. When i showed her the key I had with me she still didn’t believe it. It got a bit awkward, honestly. But we were away together and we kept drinking, and she brought it up again after dinner and then quizzed me for hours. So much laughing and then genuine fascination. I showed her the cages on ebay. She got a bit jealous too, which was interesting. The fact that we have sex so much now, that I get to cum from him licking me, she was quite envious. 

I made her promise not to tell her husband as part of the deal of telling her so she hasn’t gone on to tell him about it, I think… lol She has gone on to buy a load of sex toys though, so that’s a positive move.

I messaged hubby in the middle of it, which was super hot. He thought I was joking too until I sent a picture of my friend holding the key! lol that drove him crazy… I suggested she ask him questions but she was too shy. I wish I’d done it and pretended to be her though, that’d have been awesome! But yeah, tipsy me isn’t so smart lol

The hottest thing though, was a couple of months later. I’d been out with her and some other friends, and hubby came to pick me up. And I’d offered her a lift too, without him knowing. Just before he arrived I whispered to her, ‘He’s caged, just so you know’ and her eyes went all wide, and best of all, I slipped into the back of the car and got her to sit in the front next to him.

The look on his face as my (unreasonably hot) and tipsy friend sat next to him and looked straight at his crotch. ‘Comfy are we?’ she said to him, and we both started laughing. He just gave me this look in the mirror of amusement and arousal, it was so great.

I won’t go into the rest of what happened but he just about got us home with his dignity intact…despite the suggestions I whispered in her ear…and at home i got both spanked (for the first time in forever) and fucked vigourously, it was super hot. My one regret is that I hadn’t thought ahead enough to take the key with me, because her wearing it, and taking it home might have been even hotter!.

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