Cum calculus

Over the last month I got a bit obsessed with hubby’s cum volume. There was a lot of ruined orgasms and for whatever reason I’ve got fascinated with seeing just how much I can get out of his cock. I’ve been using a shot glass to see the volume of what he produces, and it seems like a few days with regular edging, plus ass play before he cums produces the most.

It all started with him cumming into a condom I used on him just for fun and there was loads in there, I don’t even know what’s normal but it was a lot!

The mean twist has been that if he cums before he’s allowed, he has to drink it. I’ve made sure that’s the case the last few times. I’ve been swallowing his loads for years… seems only fair to turn the tables.

Of course the other advantage is there’s no mess to clean up! I do like things neat and tidy.

Any tips on producing big loads? I’d love to hear them!


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