Coin Flip Log


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June 20th When my husband returned from work, he greeted me in his usual fashion, which was to kiss my sexy body hello. I asked him not to neglect my buttonhole, which he’d been forgetting lately. After a little reminder, he did a very nice job giving both my holes plenty of love. It’s OK when he pushes his tongue inside my pussy (penetration is not as much of a thing for me as is the licking), but I love it when he pushes his tongue into my ass. He licked me to a most pleasant orgasm, for which he earned a coin flip: Heads, which is two in a row. One more and he earns at least a ruined orgasm. After that, I massaged him to a full-on edge until he was leaking precum, which was delicious as always. I then I tucked him back into his pants for dinner.

June 21 Same as yesterday. It may sound boring, but it is our routine, and I enjoy it. No, that’s not true. I LOVE it. He usually greets me when he gets home by eating me out. I don’t always cum, because I’m not always in the mood, but I at least accept this attention. Today was one of those days. After he licked me for a bit, I said that’s enough, and we got dinner going. At bedtime, he wanted to kiss my privates some more, so I straddled his face, and propped myself up on my elbows so that I could pant over his erection while he ate me out. I would occasionally give his boner a kiss, but mostly I just let him feel my breath, until I started coming. Then I sat straight up and went into my own world for a while. After I cum, he usually keeps licking and sucking, driving me INSANE since I’m so sensitive then. He usually keeps licking until I tell him enough. It was feeling so good, I let him continue this night for quite some time, until I wanted to cum again. I got so close to a second orgasm, but couldn’t get over that edge, and finally told him to stop. We flipped his coin, which was a third head in a row. He decided to cash it in. I think by now he’s realized going for five heads in a row to earn pussy sex is a pipe dream, and his blue balls were going to explode if he didn’t let some steam out soon. I used a silicone based lubricant applied to his balls, and I just massaged them, without touching his dick at all. I used a nice two handed motion, pressing against the sides of his balls, making them rub together in a gentle circular motion, almost like the side-rods which move a locomotive’s wheels around in circles (I was even thinking to myself “CHOO-choo-choo-choo-CHOO-choo-choo-choo 😜).

I could tell he wanted so much more so bad, and the copious precum he was producing was confirming this for me. His yearning was turning me on so much, eventually I couldn’t take it any more, and I straddled his face again, so he could continue eating me while I massaged his balls some more. Seeing his horny desperation finally pushed me over the edge, and I came again. He had thus earned another coin-toss, but we were already in the middle of cashing in his previous three, so there was no stopping to see what he would earn now. I used this against him, talking sweetly to his penis every time I saw some more precum to lick up. I kept reminding him his next toss might also have been another head, but as it were, I was going to ruin this orgasm as soon as I saw the first hints of contractions imminent. Hearing me verbalize and reinforce the knowledge this orgasm would be ruined must have turned him on several degrees more. He was close. His glans puffed up extra big, and his cock got extra hard, gaining a few more degrees of elevation away from his body as it does when he is up to the edge. I know all the signs of his pending orgasms so well, I’ve mastered the art of not just ruining his orgasms, but minimizing them to even just dry pulsations as well. He was past the point of no return, and so no further stimulation was required by me. He moaned in agony as I watched his taught penis hold steady for several more seconds, and then it began; the pulsations I knew were imminent. There was four or five dry bounces before any cum appeared, and then it was just a dollop at the the tip—an orgasm aborted far too soon to shoot with any satisfying force. This I don’t lick away like I do his precum. Precum is sweet and delicious, unlike actual cum, which is bitter, and feels strange on my tongue. This I scooped off with my finger and fed back to my husband, to complete the cycle. He was done coming as far as I was concerned, so I flipped his coin again, since he had earned it, and it was tails. Lucky for him, because I have a suspicion he would have opted to try for a full blown orgasm with four heads in a row if given the chance. I did him a favor by ruining this one for him. Some cum was better than none. He was still rock hard, since he hadn’t had enough of an orgasm to kick in any kind of a refractory period, so I took this opportunity to engorge his blue balls with more unresolved tension. Once he had settled down a little, I lubed up his cock and began stroking him, teasing him, and edging him. This was the most fun, because we both knew it would come to nothing. It was just pure teasing, now. None enough to trigger any kind of an orgasm, just enough to make his balls swell and ache with more unspent cum. He was moaning in all kinds of ecstasy, or was it agony. Either way, he was so sexy about it. I love him. This night, I woke up to him moaning and thrashing about in his sleep. I gave him a shake to wake him up, in case he was going to have a wet dream, saying “Hey, none of that, now.” 💔 He said he was dreaming of us fucking, saying he could see in great detail his penis penetrating me. For sure he was dreaming. We haven’t done that since Thanksgiving of 2015. I then regretted waking him up. Not because I wanted him to have the orgasm, but because I’ve never watched a wet-dream as it ejaculates. Next time, I’ll just watch and see what happens. 👄

June 22 Home from work, and he ate me out to another relaxing orgasm. Tails. I put off his teasing until we were getting ready for bed. I had him kneel on all fours so I could milk him like a cow, but this cow wasn’t going to be allowed any milk. I edged him like this for many times in a row, not less than six. When I was satisfied his blue balls would be aching as they were, I locked him into chastity and we went to sleep. Mission accomplished. He was still panting in my ear and trembling when I fell asleep.

June 23 I didn’t have time to freshen up for my Love before he got home from work. As sorry as I was about how sweaty and smelly I had to have been, I still let him lick me, of course. Not to let him off the hook, either, I made sure he started with my ass. Being the loving husband that he was, he never said a word about my condition, and loved my crack as if I had just stepped out of a summer’s shower. Once my whole body from front to back was clean and wet, he honed in on my sexy parts until I came, giving him my greeting for his getting home, my orgasm. Tails. I gave him a full hearty grip of a hand-job in appreciation, right up until he might cum if only I had continued. I left him hard and teetering, and when he had calmed down enough for more safe manipulation, I locked him into chastity for the night. At bedtime, I let him lay between my legs and lick me while I watched a couple of my favorite shows. I didn’t cum again, but I did enjoy all the affection. When I called him to lay down on the pillows and go to sleep with me, I discovered we both left a wet spot on the bed. Mine was were my juices and his saliva had dripped, and for his, he left a wet spot of precum where his dick in chastity had been pressing against the bed while he was eating me. We switched places so that he was laying where I had been. Several times I heard him mutter, “Oh my God,” before I fell asleep. I know it was because of his horny desperation—his unrequited and unrelenting crunched up hard-on in chastity must have been refusing to forgive him. I loved it, and fell asleep.

June 24 Home from work, and he ate me out to my favorite moment of my day, an orgasm. Heads. I showed my appreciation with a few edges before locking him into chastity (I let him out every morning before he goes to work, in case you didn’t know that about us). Then we had to hit the road to join a family gathering.

June 25 This weekend, while at the family gathering, we didn’t have much (actually no) opportunity for sexy play. I was crazy horny though, and I did put the shower head massager to good use twice this day, once for in the morning’s shower, and again at night before bed. I’m sure my husband would have enjoyed being there, but would that have seemed proper, the two of us in the shower together at a family gathering? There were family members sleeping on the couch just on the other side of our bedroom’s door, too, so we avoided doing anything that might be embarrassing at the breakfast table the next day as well. Poor husband was still quietly locked into chastity for the nights, however, and despite getting no teasing at all, he was still hard as a rock and difficult to chastity up. I guess if the only sex you get is the touching you receive being locked into chastity, you make the most of that and enjoy it.

June 26 I took another relaxing shower in the morning with the shower head. When I got back to the bedroom, my husband was there waiting his turn for a shower. I left him in chastity until he finished getting cleaned up, and then I unlocked him for the day after he was dressed. After the day of family events was over, and we were driving home, I put my husband behind the wheel, and once on the road, had him take his shoes, socks, and pants completely off so he was sitting butt naked except for his shirt, driving even bare foot. Every time we passed a mile marker, he got the best hand-job I could do before counting to 10. The rest of the mile I would spend rubbing my own sexy parts, as his hard-on was awaiting the next mile marker for more attention. By the time we got into the garage, I had waited too long to cum already, and had him eat me with both of us still in the front seat. I didn’t want to wait another second to cum, and it was marvelous. Tails. Before getting out of the car, I used my own lubricants to wet his chastity, and patiently pressed it over his erection until I could get him securely locked. We unpacked and went to bed. It was a great weekend.

June 27 Husband had a wet dream. The hours off intermittent hand-jobs last night must have had his dreams in erotic nirvana, but he couldn’t remember what they were about. He just had a mess inside his chastity tube, his thighs, and on the sheets. When he got home from work, I got my usual greeting until I came. Heads. The rest of this day wasn’t too eventful. I edged him some before bed and chastity. I know it makes more work for me to edge him right before locking him into chastity, but at the same time, locking a feverishly aroused cock is also the most fun.

June 28 Not an eventful day. He licked me hello when he got home from work. I accepted it out of reinforcing the tradition, but I cut him off at some point and we got dinner. In the evening, I edged him just once, before locking him in chastity for bed.

June 29 Again, I wasn’t so in the mood today for sexy play. I let him greet me when he was home from work with some cunnilingus, but that was about it. Later it was chastity, and then bed.

June 30 Another day I was in a funk. Some cunnilingus, and later chastity and bed. Even without any teasing, he still gets hard when his chastity device comes out of the the drawer. The denial of it alone turns him on, which makes me feel less guilty about not being very attentive for the second day in a row. He was very sweet, kissing me good night, and trying to work his way down to my crotch, but I said thanks, but I’m tired. We spooned until we fell asleep.

July 1 I woke up horny, thinking about what I had planned for today, so I woke my husband up by unlocking his chastity. He was hard before it was all the way off, so I straddled him, and bucked on my husband, rubbing my wet lips up and down the length of his shaft. I told him how horny I was, but I also knew he couldn’t be late for work, so I told him he would be better off getting himself ready to go. I sent him in the bathroom to get ready for his day, while I masterbated in the bed until I came. I made it a point to be loud about it, so he knew what he was missing. He told me he couldn’t wait to get home from work so he could give me the loving I deserved, and off he went to work. Then I had my plan to execute. I wanted to find a massage parlor that would do a couples massage, where I could get a happy ending and cum beside my husband, while all he got was an honest massage. I thought this might be a good first step into the whole cuckold fantasy of his. See how that sat with him. I didn’t know where to start, so I picked a nice massage place from the phone book. I went there wondering how I could bring my plan up. I had scheduled a one hour massage with a male masseur, and I chose to accept my massage naked. When he came in, I told him I didn’t want him to be shy about where he was touching me, because I wasn’t shy, and I wanted him to give me the best massage he knows how. He didn’t reply except to smile, and continue his preparations, Through the whole massage I was trying to figure out how to more specifically ask about my fantasy, so I finally just blurted it out when he had me roll over onto my stomach. It seemed the only opportunity for conversation since he broke the silence to instruct me to roll over. “So do you ever get people in here asking about happy endings?” Ugh. Such a shitty way to ask, but at least it was to the point. “Not from me they don’t.” “And what about the female massagers?” “Not very often. I think the men that come here understand they’re professionals here, not whores.” There wasn’t much I could follow that up with, so I realized this idea of mine will likely remain just a fantasy. He was already probably wondering what kind of a customer I was. I was embarrassed. Later, my husband greeted me from work in the usual fashion, but I was pretty demoralized about having my fantasy plans dashed, so I didn’t get into it. I teased him a little before locking him into chastity, and that was the end of this day.

July 2 I woke up early, so I got out of bed and got breakfast. My husband was still sleeping when I was done, so I went outside to work in the yard. He eventually came outside, but by then I was already in work mode, so I left him locked in chastity as I continued my work. I came in for lunch, and my husband snuck under the table to kiss me while I ate. His dedication was sexy, especially since I know I was sweaty and gross. His gentle tonguing eventually got the best of me and I came for lunch. Heads. It was especially sweet since I had planned on cleaning up after lunch anyway, but I guess he didn’t know that. I invited my husband in the shower with me, soaping him up, and talking in his ear about how sexy his chaste locked up cock was to me. We got dressed and went out for errands. While driving around shopping this day, I noticed a strip mall with a massage parlor named just “Massage”, but it was closed. I had left his cock locked in chastity for the entire day.

July 3 We woke together, and I announced that I didn’t think I would unlock him at all this weekend, even if he earned an orgasm of some sort, reminding him that so far he has two heads in a row. I straddled his face, and played and massaged his locked up cock while he ate me. The boner in his chastity device was tugging so hard on his poor balls, it was sending erotic pleas for mercy straight to my clitorus. It seemed like every soft stroke of his tongue on my lady parts was super-charged, and I came so quickly, drunk and energized by his sexy denial. His yearning was so erotic to me, I was pouted a little after I came, because I knew he had, in making me cum, earned another coin flip. In my heart I was rooting for tails and more blue balls for him. I thought about it, and realized, before I flipped the coin, that if he got a head, the disappointment in my heart would probably be like a wet blanket on my libido. At the same time, in the anticipation of it all, if it was a tail, he wouldn’t get to cum today. The mere thought of that made my petals flush, and I decided I would stay on his face for round two for me. And tails it was, which wiped that pouty feeling away from my mouth, and passed that pout down onto my nether lips. And just as I had predicted, his horny denial was so erotic to me, I came yet again for him. Another Tails. I kissed him with all kinds of gratitude, but I still did not unlock his penis from its chamber of loving embrace—as promised.

July 4 💫 We decided to go out to dinner today for the 4th, and I again made it a point to drive past that plain massage parlor. This evening, it was open, with it’s plain neon “Open” sign glowing in the window. So it was in business, even on a holiday, but just not during the day. There was a man heading in. Hmm. Male clients on a holiday evening, but closed during the mid hours of the day? I guessed that I had discovered a rub-and-tug massage parlor right in the middle of a strip mall. It was sandwiched between a cell phone store and a vape shop. Not exactly Macy’s and Tiffany’s kind of clientele. While out to dinner, we ordered a dessert which came with sparklers in it for the 4th of July. That’s about all we did to celebrate the holiday. I was feeling lazy, so really no fireworks in the bedroom either today.

Wow! I love these diaries of their denial play, so hot!

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