You can hear her getting off as she is pegging hubby. Maybe she has a strap-on that is designed to pleasure her as shes uses it on him. Or maybe shes like me. I get so turned on when taking  cucky’s ass that I cant help but cum

So hot when the girls gets off from pegging her man

This is amazing (the sound at least, if not the most attractive of views…) but the secret to this I’ve found is that our strap on actually has a compartment behind the dildo to slip a bullet vibe into! I still find it hard but have managed a couple of times to cum like this and it’s been AMAZING.The secret has been I’ve been well edged before so am really aroused already, then the vibe in the strap on on high, and the times I push really hard, each one ramps me up closer and closer.#

We haven’t managed to BOTH cum from this at the same time yet, so something still to work towards!

This is the strap on we use, and it goes really well with a bullet vibe like this one:

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