Chastity has made it so I can’t tell her no and so she can tell me no all the time. Both are music to my ears. It’s so fun to do things for her and she’s more beautiful each day. Kind of wish I was locked back on my wedding night. She always gets what she wants now and I feel like I have no power to change that. Is it weird that I like this?

Well as long as she likes it too it sounds good to me!

I quite regularly think back to our wedding actually, I imagine our engagement differently, he’s slip a ring on my finger and I’d have slipped a cage on his cock! And then finally unlocking it that wedding night, consummating the marriage, and then locking him back up! lol

It is amazing though, how it does help the intimacy in a relationship, we have been doing it a couple of years now and still can’t believe how well this works.

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