So this happened last night.  I first strapped on the new Tantus Leisure vibrating dildo and proceeded to pound the hell out of my wife as she came multiple times.  All the while my cock was locked up and swing back and forth dripping in frustration at being so close yet so far.

Then my wife strapped on the new dildo and fucked my ass for all it was worth, again I was still caged the whole time.

I still can’t believe how incredibly sexy my wife is.  I would do anything for her, and her pleasure.  She said that I would be denied all night and that we would have sex this morning.  Only we woke up late, or she was just playing around cause no sex, and I am back in the cage at work.  I hope she lets me out tonight so that I can enjoy her, and as she says"wants her papis big hard cock in her" 

I think that’s maybe the first cock I’ve seen that might be bigger than the strap on above it! Still makes sense… he’ll be all focused on you, extra passionate because he’s so horny, and no mess to clean up when you’re done, hurrah!

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