Tomorrow I’ll finally be unlocked again after almost a week-long lockup. With each day that has passed, a burning desire had been growing inside me and the need to be unlocked is beginning to blur my mind. Luckily for me, Lara has almost started regretting locking me up for so long and is growing antsy for my cock.

For as badly as I wish to be locked longer and longer, I am quite thankful that Lara enjoys using me so much. If it weren’t for her need to be filled by my member, I really think she’d lock me longer than I might even think to handle.

In the end however, the result may end up being the same. Regardless of the time I’ll be allowed out tomorrow, Lara is fully decided on not letting me cum until well into February. As soon as she’s done with me tomorrow I’ll be locked up again, and I’m not even quite sure yet how I will react.

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