Do you still remember what masturbation feels like?
How your self made orgasms were the only thing on your mind all day every day?

That feeling of blood pumping into your cock, your strong grip around the shaft, your hand moving back and forth.
How you would get aroused under your own touches, slowly at first, then harder, faster, almost aggressive towards the end.

How you wouldn’t really savour that plateau feeling, those moments when your libido was strongest, when the urge would push you further. No appreciation for the beauty of these moments, all you wanted was instant gratification, an orgasm.

And sure enough, only a few more jerks and your body would follow the fleeting images of your mind. That warm, tingly feeling from the toes upwards, from the shoulders downwards, concentric ripples in your groin.

Without any further ado you’d cum, your body convulsing under the furious wanks of your hand. Two, three seconds of bliss while your cock spurts your semen on your belly.

And then … Nothing. Emptiness. Boredom. Back to whatever you were doing before.

So purposeless. Such a waste.

This is why your orgasms need to be controlled, supervised, denied.
So you can learn to concentrate on what really matters – spoiler: it’s not your satisfaction.

Chastity makes you focus on the greater good – the happiness and satisfaction of your partner.
Their orgasms become your centre of attention.
All the while, you stay locked, denied, teased – constantly horny, constantly on that plateau on the edge of orgasm.

Forever controlled – forever happy

It’s getting hard to believe that I’ve gone for months on end now without masturbating on my own. Once in a while when Lara has me lotion myself before a lockup I finally get a chance to stroke myself again. Unlike before, I now appreciate every stroke and am sometimes amazed at how hard I can be.

My hand now feels foreign, the motions familiar but the grip and size no longer what I’m accustomed to. I finally realize that I no longer own my cock nor my orgasms, and I am forever grateful for it. The pleasure and desire I get to experience now overshadows any fleeting release I once would have been able to squeeze out.

I am more than happy to willingly give up any chance to masturbate on my own ever again. This beautiful state of torturous desire is worth it even if it means my orgasms will forever be few and far between. I’ve never been happier to be left wanting more and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

I’m loving this couple’s blogs!

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