It was hard to believe at the end of our fun that she’d have me lock up once more. My cock, now more frustrated than before, felt ever so close to the precipice of another eager orgasm. Satisfied, she positioned herself over me for a quick tease.

Working away at me, she inched me close to the edge again and again. Each session she’s gotten better at reading my body language in reaction to every single stroke and caress. So many times I lose myself in desperate hope for a final stroke to push me beyond. I close my eyes and relax every muscle in preparation for impending release and each time… as I feel my flesh full to the brim, ready to explode… she stops!

I felt as if my brain was slowly being squeezed out through my rod. She’s gotten so stupidly good that she makes my mind turn to mush by the time she’s through with me.

Now that I had turned to putty in her hands, she guided my member through the base ring and announced I’d only have ten more strokes left until I’d be securely locked once more.

“Ten, nine…” I still couldn’t believe it as I felt the metal ring grasping me tight.

“… six, five.. . ” my dick began to throb against her grip in a futile attempt for more stimulation.

“… three, two…” there was no way it was already done.

“One!” she gladly proclaimed, letting my cock fall defeated to the side. It continued to bob up and down, begging for more attention. Lara reached for the cage body and began eagerly squeezing me in. The overwhelming sensation sent my palm tapping against the bed, signaling I was approaching orgasm once more.

She laughed as I edged from simply being locked back up. Allowing my near-climax to subside, Lara pushed me back into the metal device once more. Soon enough, I was caged in chastity again and blissfully defeated in denial. Thanking her for the amazing torture, we loitered around in bed for a little bit longer before happily skipping over to the living room to enjoy our nightly shows.

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