Back to edging, denial and chastity

She’s gone back on her idea to have sex and have me orgasm every day in August. I was really excited about the prospect after 88 days of tease and denial. I built up so many expectations.

She has me inside her four times last week, and had me orgasm five times. She said that was “a lot”. She came to a full stop and said it again.

“To calibrate you, that’s a lot”

For the past two mornings she’s completely dominated me, with a gleam in her eye, and full confidence that she knows me inside and out. She ruined me. Praised me as a good boy for staying hard after spilling over thick sticky cum. Then locked me in chastity.

So the honeymoon is over after just a week.

I really did want to reset my stamina. I wanted so much more.

But she’s noticed that I’m not as present the day after I orgasm. I was both lascivious and also not as aroused or interested.

She likes me being “wanting”.

I can’t believe the tone of her voice when she called me “good boy” after spilling without orgasm or getting soft. She’s actively praising me for being ruined and staying hungry and wanting. She’s purring in low tones. She’s completely confident. She dominates me thoroughly with her mind and body.

Today 2018 August 9th it’s evident what she prefers. I know we made promises earlier but today was clear. I wasn’t holding back or pushing her away one single bit. I wanted to cum. I wanted an orgasm. I wanted inside her.

I still remember what a full orgasm and her glorious pussy feels like.

She told me it’s better when everything is uncertain. When she keeps me guessing.

This reset is almost too cruel. But if she has any guilt or qualms, I can’t tell.

I had less than an hour out of chastity today and this is really messing with my brain.

Wow, amazing stuff.

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