As you’ve continued this blog, it’s hard not to notice you becoming more aggressive and dominant. I’ve also noticed you relishing previously taboo things like pegging and ruined orgasms. Do you think this is because you keep finding kinks that arouse your slave, or is it because you’re liking more and more control? And if it’s the second, do you think it’ll eventually end in the “most extreme”, such as piercing cages and cuckolding? (I mean you both get turned on by bigger cocks after all)

Oh another good question! But where on earth do you pull ‘slave’ from! Does ANYTHING on this blog suggest that is how we work? We’re married, we love one another very much, he’s a strong, dominant man. I’m not even his domme, let alone him being a slave, the thought is utterly ridiculous. This is about real life, not some fantasy. And my advice is if you ever want this to work in real life you stop using stupid words like that, it’s a HUGE turn off to almost all women and I almost didn’t even answer your question because of it. Anyway, moving on…

Yes, I’ve definitely become more dominant although I’d still fundamentally identify myself as submissive, but we’ve both been switchy and after a long time of him taking the lead caging has certainly unleashed me enjoying that role more.

I think the big impact on me has been the behaviour change it just naturally brings about in him, all the while he’s enjoying it enormously. More affectionate, more intimate, more sex, way more orgasms (for me). Yes I know get turned on by him being caged but that’s just a side benefit. It’s basically just massively reinvigorated our sex life. He’s as horny as he was when we were in our 20s, and we both love that! The price is his orgasms… well worth paying, we both agree!

We’re not doing it because it’s some big power trip. I also deeply dislike the whole ‘female led relationships’ thing. But caging? Caging is super hot! Again, as you may guess from my other replies, cuckolding is a ridiculous fantasy and in my opinion could only ever lead to destroying loving relationships (a menage a trois is dangerous enough!). Piercing though… I’ve been pierced for him, so you never know. But really we don’t care if he could theoretically escape, that’s not the point. 

As I said to a friend recently, if there was a pill, or an item of jewellry that made him act like this then I’d not hesitate to use it all the time. It just happens it’s a cage around his cock!

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