Apparently I’m a bit of a cliche as a wife who literally found your blog on our computer’s browser history… and I’m quite proud that I haven’t freaked out (thanks mainly to how you write so nicely about this I should add). Anyway, I’ve decided to be positive and surprise him with a cage for our coming anniversary- can you recommend what to buy and any other tips? Thanks in advance.

Well that’s brilliant, I thought that only happened in the captions! Well done for reacting so positively. And don’t believe all you read, so many of the captions are just a hot fantasy, pick what excites you about it and focus on that. The real benefits are a greater intimacy between you, more pleasure for you and a greatly invigorated sex life in my experience.

I strongly advise you set up your own secret tumblr blog too which you can save the things YOU like into for reference, and then when you break the news, you’ll have some things to share and surprise him with.

As for cages, I’ve just this week updated the Cage Reviews page on the blog – I forget it’s not easy to see when you’re just browsing from Tumblr so I’ll repost it here too, but this is where you can find it. Still a work in progress but it answers your main question very well I hope!

As for other tips, well there are lots on the blog, but I guess my main one specific to your situation would be surprise him with an anniversary present earlier in the day of bondage restraints. (I noticed there’s a good 3 for 20 offer on with them at the moment where you can bundle them with some other fun bondage stuff).

Then get him to set them up, perhaps imagining they are for you… And then surprise him by saying they are for him. Do lots of teasing, edging, and then when he’s really close and desperate, drop in, ‘So, I found an interesting site in your browser history…chastity and orgasm denial huh?’ Then when he’s done freaking out, get him hard again and make him tell you about it, and get him to ask you not to let him cum.

THEN you can say something like, ‘I bought you a little something to help, I hope you like it, and then you pull out the cage and watch him fall in love with you all over again.

On a practical note, PRACTISE putting the CB-6000 together first, this is how it works:

And also, the early denial dilemma, expect it to take a long time to get him in it. He’ll he so excited by all this, well you’ll have to have a lot of lube and be patient. You’ll probably trap hairs or pinch first time, don’t worry about it. You might not even be able to get it on that night but that’s not a disaster, just funny. Still don’t let him cum.

You may also want to suggest to him beforehand he buys you a thin necklace for your anniversary, little knowing it’s to put his key on! Or anklets are good too.

I hope that helps! Let me know if I can answer anything else, and most of all have fun with it all, that’s what it’s about!

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