Advance warning – Locktober is coming!

Yes, the famous Locktober that really started it all for this blog. I can’t have had more than a few hundred followers then and now there’s thousands of you!!!

This is it, it’s time to actually do this. If you haven’t already then you’re going to need a cock cage! I’ll be giving ideas on how you can tell your partner that you want to try this: 

‘Have you heard of Locktober…?’ 

So gear up people because you need to be ready. You guys won’t be cumming, not for the whole month, ruins are the best you can hope for, and don’t even count on that!

Locktober – brought to you by – it’s coming, you won’t be!

(I’m so proud of that tagline! lol)

Oh and if someone wants to design a Locktober logo or something, that’d be so great!

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