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What is
a Ruined Orgasm and Why You Should Use It?

Most men don’t want a ruined orgasm but
their Mistress doesn’t want them experiencing pleasure for a variety of
reasons. One reason is it keeps the focus off their cocks on the Mistress where
it should be.

Is it bad for you, no.  It won’t do
anything harmful it just doesn’t feel good because you don’t experience a full
pleasurable orgasm.

You need to know your submissive well enough to be
able to feel with your hand when he’s getting to that edge obviously.
 Never go by his expressions or what he might be saying cause let”s face
it he’ll try to get that one slip over the edge.  Like
everything else it just takes practice.  

ruined orgasm is another way of asserting control over the male

The most pleasurable element of male
orgasm isn’t the orgasm itself, but the heightened sensitivity of the penis,
particularly the glans, during orgasm.

 If all sensation is denied the moment the orgasm
starts, the pleasure is reduced by a good 80%. A ruined orgasm also often
leaves the male feeling slightly unsatisfied and eager for more reward, which
is a better option for keeping him in the proper mindset.

Ruined orgasm

The kind of orgasm a guy has when his hands are tied
out of the way and his penis is stimulated just until he can’t stop anymore,
and then let go. Neat to watch because of the way it bounces with each spurt.
Embarrassing for the guy, especially if several girls are watching, and not
real satisfying.

 To Ruin The Male Orgasm

There is no reason whatsoever why the man should ever
receive permission for a full orgasm. There is nothing to be gained from it
because his constant need to ejaculate is what keeps him alert, submissive and
ready to serve. Even the most obedient boys display a drop in submissiveness
and servitude after an orgasm.

Besides, to ruin the male
orgasm is one of the most delightful things in a female led relationship. The
pathetic dribble of sperm from his penis is emasculating for him, empowering
for you. Also I find his libido actually increases after a ruined orgasm,
adding to his desperation to please. 

The Art
of The Ruined Orgasm 

The advantage of the ruined orgasm is
that it is one more tool to add to your bag of tricks for teasing and orgasm
control.  You can tell your man that he is allowed to orgasm and then at
the moment he is about to orgasm or as soon as it starts you release his cock.

Incorporating this into your T&D
keeps your man guessing about what to expect.  Not only will it be a
mystery of when he can orgasm but now he won’t even know if it will be a full
orgasm or ruined orgasm.  Ruining his orgasm also prolongs his denial
period. He gets some release but not a full orgasm.  Therefore you can
prolong the time frame of when he is allowed a full orgasm by slipping in a few
ruined orgasms.

One final benefit is that it can be used as a
punishment.  If your man has been naughty or simply not meeting your
expectations, you can announce that the next orgasm (or next 2, 3, etc.) will
be ruined.

The most basic approach is to stroke his
cock and then at the moment he first spurts you release his cock and let it
twitch and spurt on its own.  He will experience very brief pleasure at
the first spurt but then once you release and there is no friction the orgasm
becomes ruined and he is left frustrated.  This is a good way to introduce
him to the ruined orgasm.  

Another technique is to release his cock before he
starts to cum.  This may take some practice because you have to anticipate
when the orgasm is coming.  If you spend a considerable amount of time
teasing your guy or if he has been denied an orgasm for a long period of time,
this becomes easier to do.

Some variations to experiment:

Announce the ruined orgasm ahead of time or surprise

Tell him to try and orgasm while you tease him or tell
him try not to                     orgasm while you tease him.  Imagine the fun of him trying
to orgasm               only to have you pull away at the last second and leave him with                       nothing.  Do this a few times and then send him over the edge and let               go.

Use your hands, mouth, tongue, panties, feathers, etc.
to tease him.                  One of the most interesting videos I watched was a woman that
held                  her man’s cock straight up and she very slowly licked from bottom  to                top until he spurted.

Make him ruin the orgasm himself.  This is a good
test of his loyalty.                  Will he let go before he spurts (bonus points for him), at
the first spurt                (good boy), or will he push the envelope and hold on a little
longer                     after he spurts (bad boy.  Punishment

Combine with anal pleasure.  Stimulating the
prostate will cause his                  cum to leak-out more.  Some women use this
technique regularly to                  “milk” their man so that he can go very long periods
without a orgasm.

Completely ruining the orgasm, ideas?

  • Let go as soon as orgasm starts
  • Let go earlier than above after edging lots to get a
    tiny dribble each time
  • Let go then block with thumb/palm
  • Edge until its not fun then really early ruining
  • Pegs on balls for 10 minutes while edging (at least 3
    pegs) ruin it normally but take all pegs off fast as soon as i let go
  • An hour or more of porn with massive frustration, then
    very slow ruined orgasm(s) usiing one finger on the back of the head or slow
    rubbing on head. no other stimulation.
  • An hour or more of porn followed by 3-5 *extremely*
    fast ruined orgasms until dry
  • post orgasm torture? Or 3-5 ruined orgasms with post
    orgasm torture but no orgasm
  • Lots of porn followed by dry towelling torture until
    super sensitive then dry orgasm with foreskin held back. towelling every 2
    minutes to dry and torture. Possibly ruined too.
  • Ruined orgasm by any method with tin foil scrunched
    over head during dribbles.
  • Use numb cream on the penis head 10 minutes before
    touching him

Can anyone else think of some
particularly nasty, evil and frustrating ways to “cum” minimizing the enjoyment
as much as possible. It should leave him disappointed, frustrated, possibly horny
and desperate afterwards.

To men: About
Ruined Orgasms

If you’re in a chastity belt, your
Keyholder might decide to allow you an orgasm at some point: but she may decide
that it will be a ruined orgasm.When your Keyholder gives you a ruined
orgasm she will stimulate you (or allow you to stimulate yourself) to the
“point of no return”, where an orgasm is going to happen – and she removes her
hand, and allows the ejaculation to occur, with severely diminished or absent
normal feelings of orgasmic pleasure and release.Why would your Keyholder want to ruin
your orgasm? Why not just deny you all together? It’s so FUNNY, to see the look on the poor chastity
boy’s  face, going from ecstasy to “what the hell!”, when he realizes that
you’ve taken your hand away, yet his penis refuses to engage the “Reverse” gear
– Penis is going for it, whether Hand is there or not. So the chastity boy
knows, it will be a while before he gets to play the orgasm lottery again. 

Thanks to Laotk

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