Month: June 2018



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Yes she does

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They don’t need one that turns us into bitches, we just need to lock their cocks up in a cage and it happens by magic 😀


No matter how many times she’d seen it before, Ally could never resist watching the anguish on her boyfriend’s face when her soft, stroking hand abandoned his cock, leaving it twitching in glorious frustration….

lol how pertinent!


For anyone who thinks you can’t fit an above-average cock into a very, very, VERY small cage.


Wow, that’s amazing. We have a tiny one like that, it’s painfully small for him apparently. This really makes me want to put him in it lol

The Husband Upgrade

keephimcaged: I’ve just written this story, well, I’m not sure what form of writing it is really, it’s a one-sided dialogue! It started as a proper dialogue but apparently I can’t write a male voice for shit, so I took that out and it leaves YOU to imagine what you’d say in response! Enjoy! “So…

Having him horny most of the time now is so great for getting constant attention. It’s like when we first got together in so many wonderful ways.