Month: June 2018

Ohhh, just tipping him over while he’s riding a dildo, love it!

Oh another version of what I just posted about, how hot is that! Feeling him pounding away from behind me, knowing he can’t cum without permission.
‘Please can I cum?’ he begs over and over, his fucking slowing so he doesn’t go over.
‘Not yet’ I tell him, again, and again, until he just can’t hold himself any longer.
‘Ruin it’ is all I have to say and with a few more thrusts he pulls out and I feel his seed splatter over my back his cock pushed against my asshole.
Or sometimes I’ll be more specific, ‘Ruin it in my ass’ I’ll say and he’ll pull out and push the head of his cock against there, I tighten up so he can’t get in, but I feel the force of his cum squirt inside. I love that feeling, plus…saves on the mess lol

It was one of the rare occasions she let him fuck her. She liked to remind him just how good it felt compared to that tight little cage.
But her favourite part was the moans of frustration he made he pulled out, and ruined all over her tummy and breasts.
Sometimes she’d rub it in as he watched, and use his cum as lube to masturbate to orgasm. Other times she’d make him lick it clean.
Either way, he’d be back in his cage before he slept.
Happy days.

Look honey, it’s magic.
Now you see it, now you don’t.
Good thing yours is locked up nice and safe, it can’t disappear like that.



Do you remember this? It’s where your penis used to live.

But now that your penis has changed address and moved to its new, snug little cage, this is your tongue’s new home.

I think your tongue ought to give its new home a moving in present, don’t you?

I would love to, ma’am, thank you!

Post Orgasm Torture! click the tag for lots of mean ideas on how to make him regret cumming lol

Careful not to squeeze too hard when you ruin him as even that can feel really good! Relax your grip so you just barely touch and direct him where you want it to spurt.