Month: October 2017

Once her husband was tied down the Denial Therapist would go to work, unlocking his cock cage, to which she held the only key, and showing her how to edge him. 

Later sessions would cover ruined orgasms and post orgasm torture, extensively.

At first the wives would be nervous but within a session or two they were encouraged to stimulate themselves while learning. The more orgasms they had the better they retained the lessons taught, according to research.

What ARE you going to do about it?



was starting to take a very serious toll on Doug’s quality of life, but his
urologist insisted that the medicine
needed to be applied every morning, afternoon and night… and that Doug’s wife needed to be the one to do
it. The doctor to him explained that his spouse would be able to ensure even
coverage without causing any libido-inspired “accidents” during the application. The two men shared a knowing
chuckle at the implication- boys will be
boys, right?

now, Doug couldn’t remember why he needed
the cream in the first place or why his
doctor had even prescribed it to him
anymore. Unfortunately for Doug, this
meant that the medicine was working perfectly