Month: September 2017

teasememylove: Locktober 2017 Only 5 days left until Locktober! What makes this 31 day lock up period different than any other month? For us it means 31 days of being locked 24/7, no breaks. There is no unlocking for showers, for sex, for teasing, for anything. I am locked in chastity for 31 days straight,…

Hello, I’m loving your tumblr and I was wondering if there was going to be plenty to keep a chastity boy amused with throughout Loctober? Obviously, I am staying chaste for the whole of Loctober, but how do you normally handle the transition into NOvember?

It really varies according to how Locktober went. Given this year the plan is caged for the full month then I’d plan to let him cum at the end as a reward and then November, well that’ll be much more hands on, with maybe the rule being no full orgasms but lots of edging and…

Hubby made a sequence of captions for me this time, cool huh!

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Oh no honey, is your cock trying to get hard in the cage?
Do you want to cum?
Don’t you wish my hand were stroking up and down your shaft? What a shame you aren’t allowed out all month.
Good boy, let’s empty those balls. I might even keep this vibe on when you’re all sensitive, and see if you can cum again.
Keep licking, I’m close. Don’t let me cum yet though, it makes me bitchier when I’m on the edge, in fact, lick my arse now, there’s more I want to milk from these balls before I cum on your face.

Looking forward to Locktober apparently makes me really bitchy. If you’re lucky, this might be you, hubby. Or maybe I’ll just stop and let it dribble out.

Love you xxx

It does seem like hubby’s more sensitive and can last less time if he’s been caged for a while.

Oh well, less edging required, win win!