Month: November 2016

And when we say ‘too much’ we of course mean, ‘at all’.
Don’t think he does? Ask him! You may be surprised at the answer!

Now that’s a Harry Potter sequel I want to see!


Uuh look at you! Bound to the point you can’t even buckle your hip, chastity cage removed and rock hard in an instant. Very nice and horny, just how I like you. So here is what’s gonna happen. I’m going to give you a sloppy but very slow blowjob…for let’s say an hour. Then I’m going to give you a very lubed handjob…for let’s say another hour.  And after that I’m going to masturbate just in front of you…for another hour. Then I’m going to let you eat your favorite blue pill and put on your favorite porn for two more hours. Don’t worry, I’ll come by from time to time to tickle your balls and make sure you stay hard for me. When the pill loses her effect it’s ice time and back in the cage. Shall we start?

Well that’s quite the evening!

Hi, I love your page. I’ve been following you for a while now. I have a question that you may be able to help with. I have a cage with a barrel lock and was wondering if you knew a place to get replacement locks? Any help would be great. Thanks And keep up the great Blog

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback. Your best bet is to contact the guys at Toys4naughtyboys as they sell spares, although I just checked and the lock isn’t specifically listed, but email them, they’re super helpful, and I’m sure they can help. Of course the other way to do it is buy another barrel…