Month: July 2016

We have entered into this world and its great. But does your hubby cum way too quickly after a period being locked up?. I feel embarrassed that after a few strokes BOOM! Thanks :)

I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Not really, especially not if I’m stimulating him. Maybe he has to be a bit more careful if we’re actually having sex, but there’s certainly no sense of him cumming super fast like some of the captions joke about.


Husbands don’t get orgasms.

Playing around with a few different effects.

I like it, keep playing!

My husband showed me he can pull out the back of his metal cage when soft. We’ve tried some ways to keep that penis in but have been unsuccessful. Do you have that issue? Do you know any good way to prevent pullout?

There’s two solutions. One is a complete chastity belt which goes around his waist etc but IMO is just too big and awkward (and super expensive) and just isn’t sexy. The other is having his cock pierced with a Prince Albert piercing and getting a cage that secures to that, which renders it impossible to…

I took the plunge, i put the cage on and gave her the keys. We are both loving it. This weekend she teased me about Cuckold, do you ever do this with you man? Im trying to work out if she meant it or not, we have always said no its wrong but damn she went into some detail!! Thanks for you amazing blog, your advice has changed out relationship.

Wow, well congratulations, that’s very exciting. We don’t really tease about cuckolding apart from my big dildo, who I’ve called Adonis and I make hubby use instead of him, ideally on a strap on (I just posted links to them). In my strong opinion cuckolding is best left a fantasy. I know it’s a huge…

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