Month: July 2015

Strap-ons – such fun, so kinky!

We tried this recently and it was pretty amazing. Possibly one of the kinkiest things we’ve ever done, and he was so frustrated but turned on by it, but I did let him out afterwards and gave him an amazing orgasm so everyone was happy.

But yes… keeping him with his cage on, then making him wear a strap on, that’s bigger than his cock, and having him fuck me. So hot. We did it in missionary and then I sat on top, both were great. His cock was straining at his cage the whole time.

I was a bit nervous about it but he loved seeing how I reacted to a bigger toy in me. And honestly, it felt amazing, needed to warm up a bit but omg, it felt great. And I shouldn’t feel guilty about that. It IS just a toy! He just happens to be wearing it not holding it!. Hubby is the size he is and I love him and love his cock, but wow, this felt so good.

Try it!

(and yeah, I haven’t pegged him yet, still thinking about it…)


Britney Amber, edging blowjob brunette 🙂

The teasing blowjob

Okay, so I hardly post any porn on here but the topic of blowjobs came up with hubby and I asked if there was anything different he wanted. His reply ‘when I’m denied maybe try something sloppier’ had me intrigued. So I duly caged him up and set him to find examples of porn to show me, because that’s very amusing. 

This was the clip he said he liked best and, okay, OMG, she is remarkable (kind of makes me want a penis just to feel that!) and very cute (bitch) but I think I can pull that off!

Focusing on the frenulum and the head, lots of slurping, and eye contact. That’s the trick. Oh and day-glo nails apparently. Also interesting how she uses her lips, her lipstick is nearly wiped off within a couple of minutes. 

Obviously the plan is not to let him cum…

He also told me her major failing was not talking and that I’m brilliant at that, so the clever bastard got an orgasm for making me feel special.


Chastity Planning and Warning

Tell him several hours in advance about being having to wear the Chastity Device, giving him a specific time when it must be on. Giving advanced notice intensifies the fear of anything, causing him to think hard about what’s to come (or not “cum” in this case).

You can tell him directly and clearly, or you can use some sort of silent symbol that only he will understand like painting your nails a certain color or wearing special earrings that symbolize chastity locks an keys, etc. You can train him with these indirect symbols and then use them when you are with him in public as you watch him get extremely frustrated and fearful when he sees them, while anyone else around him will never know.

I don’t know about fearful… seems like just a way to get him horny! I think putting on a necklace with the key is the obvious choice!

If you haven’t wanked a guy off in this kind of position you should try, it’s kind of fun and he can’t do shit about it, just bury his face in the pillow and be at your mercy!

I lost count at about 30…

If you can’t give a good blowjob, learn how. If you’re going to keep him in a cage all day you need to make it worthwhile when he is let out!

I’m going to have to use this line, lol