With the numbers inching forward, we’ll be hitting a new milestone of 1000 followers today on drawntochastity.tumblr.com ! Thanks to everyone that had followed, reblogged or messaged us. We’ve already gotten a chance to talk with some great people, and we appreciate the fans that continuously come back to all of our blogs. 

This weekend and until the end of the month, we’ll be reblogging this month’s captions by Lara and Will in case anyone missed anything! As for the celebration of the 1000 followers, we have a few ideas! 

To start off, for every note on this post, Lara will be administering Will a nice smack across his full balls! To add to that, for every new follower past the 1000 mark, Lara will edge Will once daily this weekend. So for example, 10 new followers would mean 10 edges for Will on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! 

This is our first time experimenting with this sort of game, but it will serve a good test ground for our next milestone. Will’s blog cagedinchastity.tumblr.com  is already well on its way to the 1000 mark as well, and we’ll definitely be making sure his celebration game will be adding up chastity time 😉 

Depending on how this game goes, we’ll know what sort of rules we’ll be setting up for his game. Hours or days per note? Edges in the cage per follower? We still have a bit of time till then, but we’re eager to hear your ideas! 

Again, thanks for following us and helping us reach the 1000 follower mark! Feel free to leave as many notes as you’d like on this post, after all, it was Will’s idea 😉 

Congrats guys! Have one on us, Will 

J xxx

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