Some inspiration for ‘dirty talk’ and roleplay! 

Well wow, that’s kind of like how hubby can be after an extended lock up, lol

Oh honey, look, it still spurts even when I’m not rubbing it! Does that feel as good? I think I prefer this, it’s cute! Gosh, if it means you stay super horny and attentive to me then this might be the only way I empty your balls in future!
Think about that while you put your cage back on.
Love you!

Oh honey, these chastity nurse sessions are expensive, are they really worth it? It’d be a lot cheaper to just keep you locked up. You think they provide a valuable service? They’re worth every penny? I’m glad you think that, you see, I’ve been thinking about training to become one!

Oh it’s like hot wax off a candle, hot!

I never get tired of this one lol

Ohhh, just tipping him over while he’s riding a dildo, love it!