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Hi – I desperately want to be caged but my wife is not into chastity. I had a urethral surgery a few years ago and ws thinking of pretending that I’m getting sudden pain from erection and that my urologist has ordered me to wear the device to prevent frequent erections. I know my wife would probably go for it,, thoughts?

What? How stupid do you think we are! She’d only have to google it to know you were lying and then how screwed would you be? I wasn’t into chastity either, but you know what I was into? Having a husband who is focused on me, fantasising about me, wants more intimacy and is horny…


I guess that means it’s not really “play,” then, either?

Actually, I like the term ‘Chastity play’ and I think you guys need to embrace it more. Yes, yes, I know, you don’t like it being referred to so lightly but that’s EXACTLY what most of the women you want to get involved actually need, to feel it’s not some kind of super serious fetish but something fun and kinky to try out.

Once we feel the buzz of the power it gives us and see the improvements in your attitude, we may well take it further. But my advice until then, use ‘Chastity play’ a lot in the way you describe it, it makes it far more accessible.