Male Chastity · Orgasm denial

Canadian bacon video wall 1080p webop

This is a video he used to get me watch while edging, so I’d get excited about him spurting on my face (which, okay that worked) but now I make him watch it as a tease because he isn’t allowed to spurt.

ha ha ha… how the wheel has turned!

And no we have no idea why it’s called Canadian Bacon!

Note: apparently some browsers won’t load it as it uses code from the tube8 video site, so if it’s just blank for you click the link instead

Male Chastity · Orgasm denial

It’s a veritable cock factory!

Amazing video showing how my favourite brand of dildo is made. Seriously, these things are incredible. So realistic and, umm, so big…

This is the one we use.

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Male Chastity · Orgasm denial

A sexy denial and post orgasm torture vid that I hadn’t seen before!

You have to click this to play I think (Tumblr’s being weird) but there’s a couple of great things in this vid. Firstly the way she talks to him while using the vibe is really hot, I love the dynamic between them.

But also, it took me a minute to figure out what she was doing to make that snapping sound and it’s because he’s got a condom on in the first bit and she’s pulling it back and letting go of the tip. I’ve never seen that before but that looks like quite a fun little pain thing to try!

Male Chastity · Orgasm denial

Well that’s quite innovative. That cage is one of the first I’d seen before we even got into all this. See, now you don’t even need to take a cage off to edge them.

Unfortunately that cage is only suitable for the biggest of cocks (it really is). You’re probably in a small one that this won’t work well on. I know hubby is. And if you’re in a plastic one you won’t feel it at all. Oh dear…

Male Chastity · Orgasm denial

The Queen and Princess lined the twenty lottery winners up, and commanded them to strip. Out came the measuring tape, and they were ordered, very simply, by penis size.

To their disappointment the winner was a skinny pale man with tattoos, but the law was the law, and he did have a very big dick, so that was something.

The 19 others were sealed into their chastity cages and had to watch silently as the new king claimed his prize. They’d be let out in a year’s time when the next lottery was held.