Madison’s frumpy and annoying friend had dropped over right in the middle of her giving her husband his morning edge.

‘Sure you can come in, but I’m right in the middle of giving head, so I’ll be a few minutes. But don’t worry, he doesn’t get to cum today’

Her friend thought she was joking.


Since I did a good job making the movie with the THICK dildo for her, she promised me she would get me off when she got back in town, which I was obviously excited about. I did not, however know that she wasn’t going to unlock me. I should have suspected as much. 

I just recently her got this clitoral vibrator and she’s now figured out that it can reach inside the cage and make me cum… barely. This was by far the least satisfying “orgasm” I’ve ever had. I mean I can feel the release and that feels good. but it is nothing like a regular ejaculating orgasm. 

But if she asked me if I wanted to do it again, I’d say yes in a heartbeat. WTF is wrong with me? 😉


Hmm, the trick she’s missing here is taking the vibe off as soon as he starts cumming. Even better and hotter to ruin it if you make him cum in a cage. It’ll keep him hornier than ever!

Training your cock


You lie in bed and contemplate your sex life. You have always been pretty… average. You begin to wonder what it’d be like to be an animal in bed… to really know how to fuck a woman. To have unlimited stamina.

You wish you had a more experienced woman to sleep with, a woman who could train your cock…

That’s when you meet Theresa. She is an older woman, somewhere in her 40’s. She’s still very attractive, but you can tell that she was a bombshell in her younger years. She takes a liking to you, and she promises to show you all her moves in the bedroom.

“Alright young man.” Theresa says one night. “I’m going to train that cock of yours.”

Your wish is coming true.

The way Theresa jerks your cock is second to none. She expertly grips your shaft and milks you of all your cum. You last a good 10 minutes before you are erupting.

“Wow, you lasted long for a young man like yourself!” Theresa says. “You still have work to do.”

Every night from that day forward, Theresa milks your cock with her hands, each night more masterfully than the last. It feels incredible. You plead to fuck her but she denies you.

“I’ll fuck you only once your cock is fully trained.” She grins naughtily.

The next day, she milks you once again to the point of spurting.

“Only 6 minutes this time, huh?” Theresa giggles. “You’ll have to work harder if you want to fuck me!”

You accept her proposition, confident that you’ll be able to fuck so much better once Theresa is done with you. The next night, she milks you again, and you cum in just 3 minutes this time. It’s as if it feels better and better each time!

You can tell Theresa enjoys milking you. Training you. You can’t wait to see what’s in store.

The next night your cock is already rock hard in anticipation for your training.

Theresa oils up her hands and grabs hold of your cock. She strokes you so perfectly, and you feel your climax building instantly. You can’t seem to hold it anymore. Before you know it, you’re exploding all over.

“Wow!” Theresa laughs “under a minute this time. Finally!!” She cackles. “You’re such a good boy.”

You recover from your orgasm and wonder why your stamina seems to be getting worse… not better. It feels so amazing though, you can’t help it!

Tomorrow arrives and you prepare for your session with Theresa. You focus this time, telling yourself that you’ll last longer. That’s why she was training you after all, wasn’t it?

She strips down your pants and your cock is at full mast. Lying down, she gets a top you and starts stroking, and counting each stroke.

“1… 2… 3…” she teases. With the first few strokes you already feel your balls churning. It’s no use.

“Wow honey!” Theresa laughs “12 strokes! That’s a new record!”

You can’t believe it. You literally blew your load in seconds. That felt so fucking good though!

The next day, Theresa is in bed waiting for you.

“Today we’re going to try something different” she says. “Lie down and take off your clothes.”

You follow her instructions, revealing your throbbing hard-on.

She places her hand around the base of your shaft and grips you tightly. Your cock throbs.

“No stroking this time.” She teases, staring at you lustfully.

No stroking at all? You can’t believe it. You feel your cock pulsate under her grip, without the slightest movement. Her touch is enough to excite you. Your balls churn… and you feel the point of no return.

“Good boy!” Theresa giggles as you erupt rope after rope of cum. “Your training is almost complete!”

The next day she tortures you further. This time, she doesn’t even touch your cock. She simply presses her hand into the base of your groin. You feel your erection reach full capacity… throbbing… and within seconds, your balls empty themselves.

“Good boy.” Theresa giggles. “Now you’re ready to have sex with me.”

The next morning, Theresa wakes you up and climbs on top of you instantly. Your cock is already hard from your morning wood. You feel it start to throb already.

You’re a bit worried though… was the training working? Either way, you are so excited to fuck Theresa, and your balls are already starting to tighten.

She mounts you, then reaches below her to guide your cock into her pussy, but it’s already too late…

“What?!” Theresa exclaims with shock. “I didn’t even fucking get it in yet!” She cackles. Your cock spurts and spurts cum as you have another mind-blowing orgasm.

“Oh my god!“ She gasps. “You’re a premature ejaculator!”

You recover from your climax and are confused. Wasn’t Theresa training you?

“You’re absolutely useless.” She dresses herself and leaves. You try calling her later that day, but she doesn’t pick up.

Although you never see Theresa again, she would prove to have a huge impact on your life.

That night, while trying to call Theresa for the third time, you remember the events from this morning. Your training had been going well, at least you thought? You feel your cock swelling at the thought of this morning. You take off your pants.

You reach down to grab your cock in your underwear and feel your hard-on. You’re getting erect just thinking about this morning. And that’s not all… you feel your balls start to retract.

Before you can react, you feel your cock spurt cum through your fresh underpants. Your orgasm feels incredible, despite not even stroking your hard cock. You had cum just from the tight feeling of your underpants, and from thinking about cumming early…

The idea of cumming quickly… is now a turn-on.

The next day you invite an old flame over for sex, to bring things back “to normal”. And maybe see if you’d learned anything from Theresa.

Throughout foreplay, your cock feels much more sensitive than normal. In fact, it feels like you can’t control it anymore…

You lie on your back as your ex rubs your body, bringing her hand closer to your groin. You feel her press the area around your penis, just like Theresa did. And then it’s over.

Without even touching your cock, you dribble your load all over yourself. She looks at you disappointed. She lies down beside you and you fall asleep together determined to try again in the morning.

The next morning, you awake to your ex crawling on top of you. Your cock begins to get hard once again. Hopefully your quick release yesterday will help you out this morning.

However, as she pulls down your pants, you realize that is not the case. You feel your balls start to churn already. Your cock twitches…

This time, before she has touched your body at all, your cock spills its cum.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? I didn’t even touch you yet.” She says, disgusted. “I’m leaving.”

You lie in bed and contemplate what just happened. Theresa didn’t help your stamina at all, she did the exact opposite. You are now a hair trigger premature ejaculator.

The worst part? It feels amazing. Your mind is filled with thoughts of cumming instantly, spurting your load without being touched, being humiliated, and having a completely useless cock. You feel your balls tighten again.

This is your life now.

Theresa here makes lots of videos about chastity and teasing under the name ‘Mistress T’. The fact she’s older than me and still looks that amazing isn’t annoying at all… 😛

But really, worth checking out her website if you’re after this kind of stuff, although some of it goes further than we do, the way she talks and teases is basically perfect – we looked at her videos of medical role plays and got lots of inspiration and good ideas. It’s also just refreshing not for it always to be some 19 year old who can’t string a sentence together, but instead a sexy more mature woman who is clearly loving it.

The Mistress T website

Well this is sexy in all kinds of ways. Just a lovely slow teasing handjob, I like the double cock rings too! And she’s focused on getting his cum out, not his pleasure, she slows it right down as he’s cumming. So clinical, and hot.

And of course we have the option of making him drink it but I love that she does it!

I’ve always swallowed (it’s how he taught me…) but it’s never been a big turn on, apart from knowing he loved me doing it.

Isn’t it ironic now I make him drink it sometimes too, somehow that makes me want to more? Maybe it’s taken away the ‘I have to do this’ element to ‘I want to’.

So here’s my challenge, surprise him, Drink it, have fun with it just like she does, blow his expectations away. Not doing it because it’s expected, but because you want to.

‘See honey, now we’re both cum sluts’

Oh and after you swallow, spend a long time making out. I bet you THAT gets him hard again fast…

Despite running a blog like this I’m not that into porn. I like watching some sexy things with hubby as it turns us both on to share it, and I love him making me watch it when he goes down on me because it just feels so naughty and it really turns him on too. 

And I can appreciate how beautiful some of the women are and how lovely the cocks are etc. But on the whole it’s so fake and boring.

And then you find videos like this. It’s not anything clever, just a couple fucking in a car but OMG watching it gets me so horny and makes me want hubby to fuck me so hard (yes, with the big strap on, I want it to feel that good).

So real, so sexy. Amazing.