Grumpy’s getting imaginative with some games, this is genius!
You can, of course, edge him as close, OR NOT, as you want before.
Maybe add some other rules too…
It only counts if he cums, if he can pull out and not cum at all, he just gets locked up for a few days you decide.
He can HALVE the number of days if he pulls out, and ruins on your tummy. That is halved again if he goes down and completely licks it all up.
This has so much potential!!!

Locktober 2018 #5 – Your secret Tumblr blog

Your secret Tumblr….

The first task today is something that hubby originally suggested, and is actually how I got into Tumblr in the first place at his prompting – a shared, secret Tumblr blog for the two of you!

The idea is that you can both be browsing Tumblr and when you find something that you think is sexy, you reblog it to your private blog for the two of you to share, you can add notes, or even use it to write new posts with ideas for the two of you, and it acts like a little journal too. It’s really great.

On the website you should find if you click the little person icon that there’s a not very obvious ‘+ New’ option. On the phone app on the account page there’s a ‘Create a new blog’ link. Set it up, make it private so that only the two of you can see it, and then when it’s made, click ‘members’ to invite the other person to it. (I got my hubby to do all that stuff btw, what are men for after all?)

Once you’re done then you’ll find you can click on a link to reblog it and choose if it sends it to your main tumblr, or this secondary one.

We still use it a most days, hubby posts things that turn him on with a little note about what he likes about it, I post things that I think are beautiful or sexy, and sometimes even stronger messages like ‘You are so doing this to me tonight!’

It’s been a great way to just keep ideas flowing and for us both to keep communication going about the sexy, and romantic side of our relationship, in our own little private place. It’s also made me much happier about him looking at Tumblr (I like it best when he’s caged though) as again, even though there are pictures of other women, he’s now thinking about me and what would turn me on or be fun for both of us – and that’s hot.

I’ll post how to find blogs to follow later down.

Today’s Denial Task

So once you’ve set up the shared tumblr today’s task is for both of you to find 12 posts each to add to it!

There should be three cute or romantic ones, three that turn you on, three that you think will turn the other person on and lastly three that are videos or sets of gifs (the moving pictures) that you think would be hot to edge him to.

You can either do this beforehand or lie in bed together and do it at the same time, but no looking at the results on the shared blog until you both agree (if you struggle to find that many it’s fine).

For ideas on blogs to browse through try clicking on the links to posts I’ve reblogged from, or use tumblr search to see what comes up (make sure you’ve turned the ‘Not suitable for work’ filter (a little padlock) off! Or I’ve got a growing list on my recommended blogs and links page

If he finishes first, or you’ve both done your 12, before you review them, time for him to ‘warm you up’.Then once you’re ready, bring him back up, and uncage (or not if you’re on Full Lockdown) him and play with him as you review the posts you both made. Once you’re done you can search for some more together if you fancy it, or just cage him up, and then have him go down on you while you find some more posts to add to the blog for him to see later and enjoy cumming!

That’s it for today, a nice simple one I hope. I do encourage you to set up your secret tumblr as it’s a wonderful resource. If you’ve already followed this advice in the past maybe spend some time tonight going over old posts you’ve made together as well as the new ones, that would be fun!

There’s a fun game in here, if you take out some of the fantasy.

Definitely tied up, then edging him with the simple rule, ‘If you cum without permission I ruin it, and I cage you up without release for X days (I’d go for something like 3 but tastes will vary!). 

Then, see how well he can beg, what he might offer to be allowed to properly cum, have fun finding out how long he can last without going over. And then, in most cases, take him over anyway, ruin him, so he stays nice and horny, then put the cage on before untying him.

You could of course, let him cum… but he’ll prefer it if you ruin it, I promise.

And if he does last an impressive time, offer him an alternative – caged without cumming at all, but just for a day or two. 

It’s not really his choice anyway, he’s tied up, and you have the key. So decide what you’d prefer!

have fun

Sizetember Ideas

So I mentioned earlier the idea of a bit of a penis size teasing focus as we work up to Locktober, which we can call Sizetember (because you all seem to like dedicating months to this stuff  lol

The whole penis size thing was a bit of a surprise when we started exploring this whole area of kinky stuff. It wasn’t something I was immediately drawn to but hubby admitted early on it was a turn on, and I guess I’ve come to understand that it’s not so much about the actual size (even guys with big cocks enjoy it I’m told) it’s the fact there’s nothing that can be done about it – a really good excuse for anything I fancy, ‘if only you were bigger I wouldn’t want to cage you’.

This whole kink is usually referred to as SPH – Small Penis Humiliation, but for us ‘teasing’ is a much better term for it. I even have a friend who teases her hubby as being too BIG, ‘There’s no way I’m letting that in me, it needs to be caged up for my protection!’ (Yes okay, that was my idea, and omg her husband is HUGE and I’m not envious at all).

Okay, I admit it…

Part of this journey has been looking at lots of captions and things on tumblr together, and as we started to explore this size teasing thing one of the games we played was hubby finding big cocks for me to look at while he went down on me.

It really didn’t do anything for me at first, but suddenly the combination of him going down on me while I did that, keeping me on the edge of orgasm, and knowing how turned on all this made him well, it’s flipped a switch and I have to admit, I love big cocks now. Just looking, that’s enough, and not the scary huge crazy ones. But yeah, I get butterflies in my stomach when I look at some attractive, big ones.

The whole ‘big cock coming through a gloryhole’ thing has really made it up into my top fantasies now, and that’s hot. It’s fun to have something new to think about and knowing it turns hubby on is the best bit.


Pic from

ANYWAY there’s more on this blog you can explore for all that: (apparently my tags aren’t very consistent lol)

Some Size Teasing Ideas

So, in getting warmed up for Locktober, let’s see what I can come up with…

The dream

In the morning tell him you had the sexiest dream, but you won’t tell him what it was till tonight. That’ll get him thinking!

Then that night:

Tease him while caged first, ‘What do you think I dreamt about?

Play with nipples and caged cock‘I dreamt you had a massive cock, really big, like those ones I’m scared of on Tumblr.
I was rubbing it (play with him)Sucking it (go down and give him a mock blowjob)
But best of all was how it felt in me (climb on him)It filled me up so good

‘Go down on me’
(Then teasing him while down there)

  • I wish you had a big cock, I mean it, I really do
  • It’s a good thing you’re so good with your tongue now.
  • It’s just not fair, why don’t you have a big cock?
  • You deserve to be caged for having such a little dicklet.
  • We aren’t using the strap on nearly enough
  • If you were bigger I’d want to fuck you all the time

Get him to finger you at the same time, but then, ‘I want more’ and grab a smaller dildo, ‘Even this small one is bigger than you – use it on me’

Enjoy this and if you feel like it, upgrade to a bigger one!

If you stay on the edge rather than cumming then 

The unwrapping game

So this one starts with you uncaging him, take off all rings around his cock etc, nothing to help him get hard – then you give him 5 minutes (or less for meaner) to see how hard he gets. No touching to help!

You could do this by size he reaches or just ‘rigidity’ somehow. Lay a ruler next to it if it’s the former

  • fully hard or get to six inches you get to cum
  • nearly fully hard or five inches you get a ruin
  • hard but not rigid or four inches edging only
  • only a ‘semi’ three inches get edged but with deep heat in the lube
  • soft or two inches straight back in the cage

Okay, that’s a couple of ideas to start. If you lot like these or the whole Sizetember idea let me know and I’ll see what else I can come up with!

Jane xxx

Something for the weekend?

So hubby managed to get 12 days in his cage as his Father’S Day gift, which means this weekend there’s no cumming, just teasing. That Friday Feeling…

So I thought I’d share what I had planned as any of you who played last week might be in a similar situation

Friday Night

Edging for us both! – Watch a movie together while I casually stroke his lubed cock the entire time. I’ll often gently play with myself too for some of it, and then get him to go down on me, but with the instruction of ‘don’t let me cum’ – it’s so hot to both be denied sometimes, honestly, try it!


Morning – hopefully a bit of a lazy morning. Some orgasms for me to start the day, always hotter if I’ve not cum the night before. A good long morning edge for him before he’s locked up. If he’s cum recently I’d maybe plug him too but it’s been nearly a week so he’s already horny.

Set him some work during the day to get him even hornier and prepare for the evening – using the brilliant Gooninator tool that he found and I’ve used a few times on here, he can make a quick new tumblr blog and post things to it for me to watch later. So I’ll get him to post on a theme of my choosing, let’s say ‘big cocks, glory holes and ruined orgasms’ and he can then have to find me images that’ll turn me on, and then get them to replay for me later


Then later on I’ll get a massage from him while he’s still caged, and then watch what he’s made for me while he goes down on me. Again, edging is more fun at this point to keep me into it all.

Once he’s tongue’s all worn out I’ll probably let him out of his cage for some edging. Remember if he cums or even ruins he’s locked up for the rest of the time so fun to play with that, maybe threaten him with it, and that I’d just ruin him too so he’d stay just as horny.

Then some nice big orgasms for me till I’m all orgasmed out, and he’s locked back up again.


Maybe some strap on fun (I’ve inspired myself with my recent reposts of older stuff) – we haven’t used ours much recently and that’s a shame because it’s so hot. Him still being caged, wearing a perfect cock that I can have in me, so good. And perhaps if I fancy it, I’ll wear it and use it on him as the perfect end to the weekend.