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If you master the art of making him cum in the cage you don’t have to let him out at all.
Of course, you don’t have to let him cum… just edging him, in the cage is more than enough most of the time.
And if he does slip over? Well why on earth would you keep the vibrations going? Did he get permission to cum? I doubt it. So take the vibe off, and let him jet out, in a nice, caged, ruined orgasm. He’ll be horny as anything before you know it!


Day 60

I can’t believe how hard I am inside this tiny cage. I can’t believe I’m ten days from smashing through last year’s record.

I can’t believe she’s talking about moving the goalposts or expectation. That tease and denial is to be my pleasure. That the intense edges are what I should expect as gifts. Orgasms aren’t being discussed except as a mental break from this daily insanity.

I’ve checked my journal entries. I have had a journal entry for nearly each day over the last two months. She’s been keeping me completely enthralled.

I’ve gotten lots of ruined orgasms. Now she’s counting the drops. “Just one drop.” “But you came. You spilled four or five drops”

She calls any spurt an orgasm. Even if I’m completely untouched during them.

I’m going insane in this Contender cage. I feel no pain but it is gripping me fiercely.

I’m a mess of precum.

I love her. I don’t want this to end. I don’t want to crash.

I should be glad to be locked most of the time and edged nearly every day. And I am. But

Damn. This is difficult.

Gosh, impressive!

It was one of the rare occasions she let him fuck her. She liked to remind him just how good it felt compared to that tight little cage.
But her favourite part was the moans of frustration he made he pulled out, and ruined all over her tummy and breasts.
Sometimes she’d rub it in as he watched, and use his cum as lube to masturbate to orgasm. Other times she’d make him lick it clean.
Either way, he’d be back in his cage before he slept.
Happy days.

Ruined Orgasm vs Abandoned Orgasm


Examining the different ways that you can release semen… and the differences between an ABANDONED ORGASM and a RUINED ORGASM.

Here we see a classic example of an ABANDONED orgasm.  You can clearly see she is stroking quite vigorously with two hands and only stops right at the very end, after he has already begun to orgasm.  This was likely a very pleasurable experience for him, and after he cums he is going to go into a refractory period and be tender, and lose that wonderful “built up” feeling altogether.  This is NOT WHAT YOU WANT.

This is MUCH better! Notice too how in this video the male is completely reclined, and very relaxed. She is barely touching him, just using one hand and releasing well before you see any semen at all.  This means that she’s stopped touching him at the very onset of his ejaculation, possibly even before, and his body is just carrying things forward at this point.  Moments later you see his semen come up slowly, without any spurting, and just dribble out onto his chest.  The cock doesn’t twitch much, meaning that he is not contracting his muscles or trying to stop anything from happening – he’s just letting it happen, letting it all come out.  THIS IS A RUINED ORGASM.  THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT.  He will continue to feel frustrated and retain all of that pent up sexual energy, ready for more fun later at the drop of a hat.  


It may be necessary or required of you to have a prostate massage instead.  This is also a very effective means of releasing semen, and does so without orgasm.  With enough direct manual massage to the prostate you can literally push the semen up and out.  She’s being very kind and holding his penis, but it is not necessary.  This can be done while he is soft OR hard, and does not require really anything of him except to be there.  The more he relaxes the easier and quicker the massage will be.  Sometimes electrical stimulation or vibration is used on the prostate as well by inserting a massaging vibrator or something like an Aneros massager.

How to minimise the pleasure and still give them release – mean, and hot.