Hi Jane I thought you might be interested. My husband was unfaithful to me a couple of years ago which all came out and was very painful but we got through it. However I’d seen a show called Californication where the wife put her husband in a cock cage which led me to research them, and find your blog. Long story short he agreed to be caged to give me reassurance it couldn’t happen again, but the main impact was it totally revitalised our sex life. He’d never gone down on me before, but does all

… the time now. We talk about sex very openly now, his libido is focused on me and it’s wonderful. As much as I wish it hadn’t happened in some ways I’m glad because things are so much better now. For our 20th wedding anniversay this year, he got his cock pierced (my idea) and the extra reassurance that there’s literally no way to remove it is both a comfort to me and a turn on for us both.

I’ve gone from a sexless marriage and infidelity (and yes the two were clearly related I know that) to a very intimate and renewed relationship thanks to the wonders of male chastity and inspiration from your blog. So I just wanted to say a big thank you and also encourage any women unsure about this, who hopefully haven’t had the trauma I did, to make the most of caging and enjoy all the wonderful upsides! Anna.

Wow Anna, thank you so much for that, it’s a huge encouragement!!! I’m sorry you had to go through that but so glad it’s worked for good for you both.

I’ve had exactly the same thought, that if hubby were unfaithful I’d insist that piercing and caging was the outcome. Initially to punish him, but then to get that reassurance (I mean, that’s what they were created for for women originally isn’t it!). I even think if he worked away a lot I’d suggest it. He’s done a few work trips where I’ve sent him caged and it was such a turn on just knowing he couldn’t even have a wank – although without piercing I know they’re all theoretically escapable. I have a fantasy about taking him to some really pretty female piercing… technician is it? And explaining why he’s getting a ‘prince albert’ as they call them.

Anyway, sorry, getting off track! Thanks so much for your message. I’m sure it’ll be a real encouragement to many to give this a go.

Jane xxx

hello do steel ones really fall off? cause i ordered one and i want to be locked up secure

If the ring’s too big, yes. If the cage fits well it’s better, but with a bit of effort you can still pull out of most cages (you can’t take them off, but your cock can pull out the back, although you may not be able to put it back in lol). 

The only truly secure option is a cage with a Prince Albert piercing keeping it in place but a good cage with a good fit is an excellent start.

Hi I’m just wondering why I never see or hear about piercing just above the base of the penis? There are less nerves there and it’s easy to keep clean. Once healed the top of a cage could be locked to the ring there. Just wondering if you guys ever heard of anyone doing this? Love your tumblr. Z

I haven’t, interesting idea though.

Part of the point of a Prince Albert piercing (yes, he is supposed to have had one!!! No wonder Victoria missed him…) is that it also stimulates him all the time, so not only is he caged absolutely securely but it’s like the tip of my tongue is constantly lapping at the end of his cock.

Yes, I do think about asking him to have it, one day…

May i ask, did you ever have him pierced for secure chastity?

Not yet, and not planning to for some time, but I think it’s very likely at some point just for the rush and thrill from it. The cages we have fit so well that frankly unless I’m completely mistaken and he’s pulling it out, he’s pretty damn secure when caged up. But the complete unquestionable control that being in a pierced cage gives is just so hot that I know we’ll want to explore it at some point.


The new Lori 5B

I sometimes fantasise about getting hubby pierced – asking for it as my birthday present.
It’s funny because I don’t really worry about him pulling out, he never has as far as I’m aware, it’s just it’s such a hot thought, firstly of him doing it for me, and then, a cage that he truly can’t take off. There’s just something so sexy about that ultimate loss of control

Pleasure From The Inside Out…



So what’s a penis plug?

Does anyone buy them? Back in the days when Tickleberry was a retail site penis plugs were the most popular range sold and we must have made and sold many thousands over the years. Having first come in prominence around 2000 – 2003 the popularity of using a penis plug has increased. Penis plugs seem to hold a great deal of interest, fear and wonder for many men…

Definition: A penis plug, sometimes called a Cock Plug, is a male sex toy, or item of erotic jewellery inserted into the urethra which can heighten and increase arousal, and in some cases intensify orgasm. It is said using a penis plug or medical sound during masturbation feels like being masturbated from the inside out…

A penis plug in its most basic form is a shaft of material, usually stainless steel, inserted into the urethra in order to heighten sexual pleasure.

Penis plugs first became popular when men wished to imitate the look of a pierced penis wearing a “Prince Albert” or “Prince’s Wand” but who didn’t want to have a piercing themselves.

Designs, Styles and Sizes to Consider

When you search the internet you’ll notice a great range of styles, width and lengths. Some have an open-ended central bore allowing you to both pee and cum whilst using it, while others are solid which many men use to prevent or retard ejaculation, bringing a particularly thrilling sensation to their orgasm.

In general whether you go for an open-ended design or a solid plug is simply a matter of personal preference, however a word of caution – always check that an open-ended plug is smooth at the insertion end, that the wall (also at the insertion tip) is not so thin as to be sharp on entry and don’t forget to make sure it has no burs at either end or lose particles inside the central hole. Solid plugs, although they can’t be worn as long as the open-ended type, usually have a much nicer rounded end with a slightly tapered tip for ease of insertion. We would guide first time users to the solid type of penis plug before moving on to experiment with the open ended type.



One of the important size factors is the maximum width of a penis plug. In general 8mm to 10mm is usual. If you are experimenting for the first time try to find a solid plug (without the central hole) that’s no more than 6mm – 7mm in width. Penis plugs designed specifically for the experimental, curious, novice are often referred to as “Starter Plugs”…


The usual insertable length of a standard penis plug varies from 40mm to 70mm, longer plugs are considered to measure between 50mm – 99mm. Once a penis plug reaches the length of 100mm it is then usually referred to as a “Wand” or a “Penis Wand”…


It is well known that it can sometimes be difficult to keep a penis plug in place. It depends of the strength of the urethral muscles as they have a habit of trying to push the plug out, particularly for first time users. To help with this penis plugs are often designed with a more narrow shoulder at the further end to give the urethra something to grip around.

Glans Rings

Another option to help keep a penis plug in place is to buy a design with an attached glans ring. As its name suggests this ring sits behind the glans of the penis giving some added external force to the plug inside the urethra. If you already have a plug without a glans ring why not pop down to B&Q and look for a small rubber or silicone 25mm-30mm O-ring that you can slip over the head of your penis, behind the glans this should be as effective!

What Stops it going in too far?

This is an important design factor. Take a look at the penis plugs in our photo above. The one at the top left has a “Stopper Disc” that’s much wider than the plug itself, this helps prevent over-insertion. The two at the bottom of the picture use a ball as a style feature to achieve the same effect, whilst the top right and middle right have a narrow shoulder behind the disc. Other designs use an umbrella handle shape or staff to clearly help stop over-insertion.


The best material for penis plugs and sounds is medical grade 316 stainless steel (this is the grade of stainless steel used in surgery) it should have a smooth, almost mirror like finish, and under the mircoscope it is visibly less porous than catering grade 304 stainless steel. If your seller is unable to say what type of stainless steel your plug is made from it is most likely grade 304, this is easier to work and shape and has a lower cost. Although medical grade stainless is the material of choice, grade 304 is a very good second best.

We have seen some plugs made of plastic but I would imagine keeping them hygienic would be a bit of a problem. A relatively new material for “Cock Stuffing” is silicone, these can give a softer yet firm feel – but as with any plug it’s essential to ensure that silicone penis plugs have some sort of “stopper” or curve at the end to prevent it being swallowed!

What’s the Difference Between a Penis Plug, a Prince Albert and a Prince’s Wand?

There’s not really a great deal of difference between “plugs” “Alberts” and “wands”! They’re all inserted into the penis. The main difference is the plugs don’t require a piercing and are not intended to be worn long term.


The term Prince Albert applies specifically to a piercing which goes from the urethra out through the underside of the penis and is usually around 10-12mm from the urethral opening. This type of piercing is often abbreviated to “PA”. There are a number of myths surrounding the origin of this piercing, the most common being the suggestion that Queen Victoria’s husband used such a piercing to make his enormous penis less prominent through tight Victorian trousers. It’s also where the ‘Prince’ in princes’ wand is supposed to come from. There is, sadly, nothing to corroborate this as history does not record the size of the Prince Consort’s Royal Member, or whether he ever needed to hide it anywhere. All we know is Queen Victoria was gutted when Albert died. Say no more.


Strictly speaking the term Princes Wand really applies to the ‘Nightstick’ which is designed specifically for the wearer who has a PA piercing.

The Nightstick is a two-piece wand with a central hole to allow for urination as so long-term wear. It consists of the main plug (100mm long, 10 mm diameter typically) which has a short shaft coming out of the side of it about 10 mm from the external end. The whole thing looks a bit like a policeman’s nightstick, hence the name. The short shaft unscrews and, after the main plug has been inserted, is re-attached though the PA hole.


To confuse things a little some manufacturers have named their plugs as Princes Wands, these are penis plugs that don’t require a piercing and are usually longer than average plug (about 100mm or more). The diameter tends stays around 10 mm and they are held in place by a glans ring. For an example see the bottom left plug in the above photo…

Thanks to Tickleberry

Interesting write up about plugs given it’s come up in today’s Locktober Post.