The Gloryhole Dare

I saw these on @anythinggetsmegoing blog and wanted to add some hot captions (with hubby’s help figuring out how to do it).

You think it’s his, are you sure?
Yeah, almost definitely. I can’t believe he actually did it! Even though we did our dare and got naked.

This is so weird, I’m seeing your husband’s cock! This is going to sear itself into my mind forever you know! Why are you laughing?
I’m laughing because it really doesn’t look very big by itself like that does it. I hope he doesn’t think I’m going to suck it in front of you.
I wouldn’t mind… it’d be quite hot.
No way! Dare done, time to get dressed. You are so bad!

Can I, touch it?
Ha, sure. I’m a bit disappointed he isn’t hard to be honest. I thought his wife and her best friend naked in a place like this would get him huge!
Aww, he’s probably just nervous. Look how bouncy he is, it’s so cute!
Oh well, let’s get dressed and get out of here…

Oh my GOD, what is… 
There’s another hole!!! God look how big it is! Is that like, normal for black cocks?

Now that’s hard. Hey, cock, nod if you want some attention! Oh wow, look at that. Your hubby’s barely flinched!
Do you think they’re like, in the same room next door. We do have another half hour paid for… we could, stay?

This is so naughty! But he’s right there, he’d pull out if he wanted it to stop, right?
So…you told me you wondered what a big cock feels like… Hold them both, you only get to pick one!
Oh well THAT is an easy choice… but what shall we do with hubby’s? Do, you want to… you know?
God no, I have a much better use for it! Take your panties back off…

This is so mean, and genius! I’m so glad you’re here with me! Are you going to… you know…
Suck the biggest cock I’ve ever seen with you? Hell yes!

We’ve got 25 minutes left, I guess we should make the most of it!

Locktober 2018 #8

Size matters

So, we’re a week into this all now so first I suggest you try reviewing the week so far, look back over the posts, what were your favourite, what would you like to do again, talk it through, how you’re getting on with it.

Also, if there are any you missed, revisit today perhaps?

Today’s is a bit niche but, it’s what I fancied and I write the blog! Today we’re exploring penis size teasing.

This is one of the kinks that we’ve got into that’s really surprised me, and I honestly don’t quite understand why, but a big part of it is how much it turns hubby on. And here’s the thing, if your partner doesn’t show any sign of this being a turn on, I highly recommend you don’t do it! Even if they do, you’ll note I call it ‘teasing’ and not ‘small penis humiliation’ which is how it’s often referred to, as that’s just not what I’m looking for.

From all the feedback I’ve got to previous posts let me just say, it appears not to matter how big your guy’s cock is. This is a turn on irrespective of cock size. I guess that’s partly because guys now have all seen huge cocks when watching porn so there’s always SOMEONE bigger. I suppose if he was huge this might not work but, the opposite might, seriously. ‘Sometimes I wish your cock was smaller…’ lol But as that’s statistically unlikely I’m going to focus on the bigger side.

And in answer to the inevitable question, no, hubby is bigger than average, but this still drives him crazy.

Full Lockdown

So the script below is written with the idea they get out of the cage, but if you’re keeping them locked up you have a couple of options

Firstly have some fun with the script anyway and just adapt the bits that don’t work. Play with them IN the cage. Most of the teasing still applies.

But secondly, get them to go down on you or vibe or rub you while you look at some big cock porn. This drives them crazy in a very hot way.

These are most posts tagged with it:

Here’s a few blogs dedicated to them:

@bigdickwins – Small vs Large

@biggercockfantasies​ – by a woman 

@loving-cocks – big cock gifs

@bigd-dillinger – Pretty hardcore

‘Shock of big cocks’ on Pornhub is quite fun

Big cocks mega collection (lol)

Slideshow of big cocks (even has music on this one) that I made recently

Also note the dildo tease instructions at the bottom of this, and more things to look at if you’re having fun


Have him warm you up and then unlock his cock

There’s a bit where you measure him near the beginning so you could have a ruler or tape measure for that. There’s even a chart you can measure him against

Or just google ‘penis check chart pdf’

Again, a bit of a script for you to play around with, not so long this time, once you get into it I’ll just give you some ideas to play with yourself.

So honey, now we’re getting into chastity play I was reading about something that got me kind of curious, and I was thinking about trying it but wanted to run it by you first.

I know, I know I’m supposed to be taking the lead and I am, aren’t I, don’t you think I’m doing well?

(Wait for compliments)

Well thank you, I’m proud of how I’m doing. But this one, well, it’s… very personal. But Jane, who writes that blog I keep reading says she and her hubby love it and it’s got me very curious.

What is it? (Start playing with his cock)

Well it’s teasing… you like teasing, don’t you?

But, well it’s teasing about something lots of guys are sensitive about. It’s teasing about… the size of your cock.

Oh honey, your cock twitched at that. Was that because it’s not good, or… is it because for some reason it might turn you on?


Well we don’t have to do it, we could just revisit other things from this last week, or would you like to explore being teased?

You would?

Well, first I’m supposed to tell you how much I love your cock.

(Kiss and play with it)

And I do love it, especially when it’s caged up, It makes me feel it’s mine, mine to do with what I want, and that’s so hot.

I like it when it’s all hard too, squeezing it, feeling you pulse in my hands. Giving it long slow strokes and hearing the noises you make.

But, having told you all that, I have to confess… sometimes I wish you were a bit bigger.

I think that’s some of your fault. Some of those cocks you’ve shown me on tumblr, well they’re huge! The girls can’t even get their fingers around them.

And look… I can get mine around yours.

Oh I know, I’ve got a tape measure somewhere around here, let’s see how big you really are.

Hmmm, interesting

If we compare you to this chart I printed out…

Not very impressive really, look how big they get. No that’s not fake, just look at some of these pictures!


Not gigantic but she can’t get her hand around it can she…


Wow, that’s a big one!


Wow she needs two hands for that one!


I bet big cocks make huge loads, what do you think?


Oh my goodness, is that even real? Do you think it’s true what they say about black guys?


Seems like it might be!


Hah that one didn’t even fit in a cage! Seems like chasity isn’t for really big cocks…


And why would they,we just want to do this to them… and more!

Does talking about this turn you on darling?

Look how hard you’re getting. But still, it’s nothing like those ones is it. 

Some of those are too big, I think but… it’s true honey

Looking at those does make me wish you had a bigger cock.

Is it hot to hear that baby? Does me looking at big cocks turn you on?

This is your fault you know, getting me to look at all these. I blame you entirely.

What do you think, do you ever wish you had a bigger cock?

How big would you like it to be?

What would you do with it?

If your cock was that big I’d never lock it up. I’d want it out all the time. Just like this caption says:


But you’re so small compared to some of them.

My little dick.. my little, dicklet, aww that’s a cute name isn’t it.

God look honey, this is turn you on so much, that’s kind of twisted isn’t it. It’s turning me on too though. Shall I whisper it again?

‘I wish you had a bigger cock’


You know the easy fix for that though baby?


A nice long thick dildo! Or you can even get extenders that go over yours! S

Someone asked Jane which was better, let’s see what she said:

Oh look at this, can you imagine how frustrating that would be?


I can imagine why… wow, that’s very hot though, don’t you think?

If you have a big dildo at this point, and/or a strap on, get it out – if you don’t then you can just talk about getting one to turn them on.

If you haven’t used restraints yet, put them in them now if you have them.

Then start to play with the dildo. If it’s an extension sleeve, put it on them. A dildo, put it next to their cock, and alternate stroking them then the toy. 

Tell them how it feels

The advantages of it, always staying hard, bigger, firmer

Then give both a blow job, but for him only enough to keep him desperate, focus on the dildo.

And then use it, while they are tied up, tease yourself with it, use a vibe at the same time. But fuck it until you cum, and then, lock them back up. And decide if you want to leave them tied up, or get them to help you with the big dildo.

Once you’re done, do cuddle up and reassure them that you love their cock, and that you were just teasing, and ask how it was for them. I hope, like we have, you’ve discovered a kinky little new twist that you can use, sometimes!

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Sizetember Ideas

So I mentioned earlier the idea of a bit of a penis size teasing focus as we work up to Locktober, which we can call Sizetember (because you all seem to like dedicating months to this stuff  lol

The whole penis size thing was a bit of a surprise when we started exploring this whole area of kinky stuff. It wasn’t something I was immediately drawn to but hubby admitted early on it was a turn on, and I guess I’ve come to understand that it’s not so much about the actual size (even guys with big cocks enjoy it I’m told) it’s the fact there’s nothing that can be done about it – a really good excuse for anything I fancy, ‘if only you were bigger I wouldn’t want to cage you’.

This whole kink is usually referred to as SPH – Small Penis Humiliation, but for us ‘teasing’ is a much better term for it. I even have a friend who teases her hubby as being too BIG, ‘There’s no way I’m letting that in me, it needs to be caged up for my protection!’ (Yes okay, that was my idea, and omg her husband is HUGE and I’m not envious at all).

Okay, I admit it…

Part of this journey has been looking at lots of captions and things on tumblr together, and as we started to explore this size teasing thing one of the games we played was hubby finding big cocks for me to look at while he went down on me.

It really didn’t do anything for me at first, but suddenly the combination of him going down on me while I did that, keeping me on the edge of orgasm, and knowing how turned on all this made him well, it’s flipped a switch and I have to admit, I love big cocks now. Just looking, that’s enough, and not the scary huge crazy ones. But yeah, I get butterflies in my stomach when I look at some attractive, big ones.

The whole ‘big cock coming through a gloryhole’ thing has really made it up into my top fantasies now, and that’s hot. It’s fun to have something new to think about and knowing it turns hubby on is the best bit.


Pic from

ANYWAY there’s more on this blog you can explore for all that: (apparently my tags aren’t very consistent lol)

Some Size Teasing Ideas

So, in getting warmed up for Locktober, let’s see what I can come up with…

The dream

In the morning tell him you had the sexiest dream, but you won’t tell him what it was till tonight. That’ll get him thinking!

Then that night:

Tease him while caged first, ‘What do you think I dreamt about?

Play with nipples and caged cock‘I dreamt you had a massive cock, really big, like those ones I’m scared of on Tumblr.
I was rubbing it (play with him)Sucking it (go down and give him a mock blowjob)
But best of all was how it felt in me (climb on him)It filled me up so good

‘Go down on me’
(Then teasing him while down there)

  • I wish you had a big cock, I mean it, I really do
  • It’s a good thing you’re so good with your tongue now.
  • It’s just not fair, why don’t you have a big cock?
  • You deserve to be caged for having such a little dicklet.
  • We aren’t using the strap on nearly enough
  • If you were bigger I’d want to fuck you all the time

Get him to finger you at the same time, but then, ‘I want more’ and grab a smaller dildo, ‘Even this small one is bigger than you – use it on me’

Enjoy this and if you feel like it, upgrade to a bigger one!

If you stay on the edge rather than cumming then 

The unwrapping game

So this one starts with you uncaging him, take off all rings around his cock etc, nothing to help him get hard – then you give him 5 minutes (or less for meaner) to see how hard he gets. No touching to help!

You could do this by size he reaches or just ‘rigidity’ somehow. Lay a ruler next to it if it’s the former

  • fully hard or get to six inches you get to cum
  • nearly fully hard or five inches you get a ruin
  • hard but not rigid or four inches edging only
  • only a ‘semi’ three inches get edged but with deep heat in the lube
  • soft or two inches straight back in the cage

Okay, that’s a couple of ideas to start. If you lot like these or the whole Sizetember idea let me know and I’ll see what else I can come up with!

Jane xxx


This just got sent to me… I don’t know quite what to say but thanks, I guess? I’d normally never post dick pic so don’t take this as an invite. 

And to the guy who keeps sending me captions, they are okay, not great, but I have no idea if the woman in them gave her consent so I’m never posting them.

PS where can I get a chart like this? 😛

I was looking for this chart and had forgotten it got sent to me in the first place, lol

Hubby found the original:

It’d be really mean to print it out slightly oversized, wouldn’t it…

Anyway, I posted this as in discussing plans for Locktober, the idea of this month being Sizetember came up, which is kind of fun. So I’ll post various size teasing bits and pieces for you lot to enjoy (as lots of you seem to!)

Jane xx