She always told her husband his cock was big enough, but when they lost the poker bet with his best friend she only had eyes for his bigger one.

But that wasn’t the worst of it… she started telling him about what she loved to do to her husband’s little dick, how she would edge him and then lock him up in a tiny cock cage. His friend couldn’t believe it, so she made hubby go and get it, and put it on, right in front of their friend..

‘But you’re too big for a cage,’ she said, looking up, seeing he was right on the edge, ‘Or are you?’ 

‘Congratulations on the upgrade, Sir. Oh yes, didn’t you know, on Coronation all First Class passengers get two naked Stewardesses each. We’re here to fulfil your every fantasy!’

‘I’m sorry, your wife made you wear what for your business trip? Oh dear Sir, how unfortunate. I think this might be a very uncomfortable journey.’

It was 2029, all small penises were required to be kept caged unless a special permit had been obtained.
Suddenly the agents from the Federal Bureau of Chastity swooped in after an uncaged cock had been reported.
As was mandatory in these situations the husband was required to watch while the agents reminded his wife just why small cocks needed to be kept locked up.
As she lay back, exhausted from the orgasms she’d had, her mouth still filled with the after taste of the agent’s cum, she hoped she’d remembered to delete the FBC number from her call log.

The first weekend away

Oh darling,  you wore it at last! Thank you baby. I know it’s crazy but it’s the only way my dad would let me go on this weekend away with you. You know how protective he is.

And my mum has the keys? Wow, that is brave of you. You know you won’t be getting those back until our wedding day? Yes I’m serious. That’s how it worked for them, and look how happy they are. She’s very experienced at keeping keys.

You were nervous about your wife going to club without you – the fetish wear looked amazing on her, and you were somewhat comforted by the fact it was actually so tight, no one could get to her.

‘I’m like a tightly wrapped present, darling. Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone unwrap me…’

Then she turned and said goodbye.

‘Enjoy the caging darling, be back, later…’


Heated Bus Ride

in which more people act in lascivious manner due to the summer heat.

‘You can sit on my husband’s lap, don’t worry, he’s caged,’ she nonchalantly told the young lady standing just by them, clearly exhausted by the heat.

‘Oh thank you,’ she said, nestling in. ‘I just got engaged, I was thinking of getting him caged too, do you recommend it?’

‘Oh absolutely, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Why don’t you come over sometime and teach you all about it and show you how it all works?’

‘You know I think I will, thank you. Oh, am I too heavy?’ she around concerned by the moan he let out.

‘Oh no don’t worry, he’s just trying to get hard now I’ve got him thinking about what that’ll involve. Good luck with that, sweetie,’ she said, kissing him on the cheek.