Hey so I’m looking at Lovehoney rn – do you know how the label looks when they ship it? I’m debating on having it sent home or sent to school- just don’t want anything my family will question, ya know?


All it says on the reply is LH Trading, it’s completely plain, very securely wrapped. They’re REALLY aware of the sensitivity of what they send.

They even show you, which is neat:


A great trick though, if you have nosey parents/housemates, is to say ‘Oh I’m getting a gift delivered, so please don’t open any unexpected parcels and spoil the surprise!’

You do then have to get them a gift, but Christmas is coming and all that.

The other thing I haven’t mentioned is Lovehoney have a happiness guarantee, which means if you don’t like a toy for ANY reason, they’ll swap it out for another within 30 days, which is great. And their customer services are just the loveliest women. They just chat about what type of dildo is best for you as though it’s nothing weird (BECAUSE IT ISN’T). They’re like the Amazon of the sex toy market, I’ve used them since they started up and just can’t recommend them highly enough.

If you haven’t tried them before have a look, one of the most useful things that sets their site apart is the fact they’ve been collecting real reviews on all the toys for years now – and those are so helpful knowing what to get.


Bobby Bargain Alert

If you’re quick there’s a suction cup dildo going for $8.50 in the Black Friday Sale, which is as cheap as they’ll ever get.

Oh there’s a skinny one for your butt tooooo…

Can anyone spell DP?

Oh wait…I just did.

Oh my goodness and they have the King Cock on sale TOO, let’s just say, you have to be a bit of a size queen to make the most of this one… or so my wife tells me.

Seriously though, fun times putting that in a strap on harness and doing our own double penetration exploration.

King Cock at Lovehoney – $26.99 at the US site, £18.50 at the UK one, couldn’t be arsed to check the rest… 😀

Dildos for sale! We love the King Cock one and it’s so cheap at the moment. Highly recommended!

Where did you find the first image of your header? I’ve been looking for the second and fourth cage models for months! Great blog btw


They’re all available from Lovehoney – the second one is just the standard sized CB-6000 model and the last one is called The Curve I think, it’s for biiiig cocks as far as I can see.

Lovehoney Cock Cages

While you can get these cheaper as chinese knock offs we do highly recommend Lovehoney because they offer a no questions guarantee – so you can try out the cage, and simply send it back or change it out without any problems – which is really useful when you’re trying cages as some just fit and some don’t. Also the fake one we once bought split while he was wearing it and you should have heard him yell when it pinched him, it actually drew blood. Not cool (but quite funny).

The bonus with any of these CB ones is that they have a clever fitting system with different size rings and spacers so you get about 25 different size options by mixing them all up.

The CB6000S was the first one we ever tried and we still use it sometimes because while metal ones are great, I find the whole transparent thing really sexy when he’s trying to get hard, just completely encased and unable to touch at all. Plus if he’s got to go through a metal detector it’s what he wears for obvious reason.

They’re a great starting point, even if you graduate to metal ones later, so give it a go!

Jane xxx

If hubby’s cock isn’t big enough to make you cum like this, don’t despair.

Get yourself a strap on – not for you, for HIM. 

Amazingly it’s just on sale for just $20 if you are in the US.

Then, well the dildo it comes with is just for starters. You can keep increasing the size until you find one that just hits the spot. This is our favourite:

The King Cock Girthy – just mind blowing. It fits in the harness from the top image. Don’t buy this harness, it doesn’t work with cock cages (due to the single strap underneath). And we want it to work with his cock caged underneath…

And that’s because, size ISN’T everything. As you can see in the video. Look at the stamina, the strength, the passion.

Your guy not up to that yet? That’s okay. That’s why we have a cock cage to squeeze him into… That is where the motivation comes from.

He stays in the cage till he gets fit and skilled enough to make you cum, the way she does.

Strap-ons from Lovehoney – giving you what you deserve!

I wanted to ask what is a good type of cage to start with if you’re new to being locked? Ive seen some that come with several ring sizes but Im not sure which ones are recommended.

Hi there,

So, if you’re new to this, we recommend what we started with, which is the plastic CB-6000S – that’s the smaller version, as small is definitely better if you have the option. You really don’t want any room to grow, or things get more painful as it’s like your willy gets up steam and really pulls on the ring.

We did try a fake one first but it split and pinched hubby’s cock after a while and that whole thing really put us off. So we do recommend you get an official one from somewhere like Lovehoney.

The genius of buying there is you get a whole year to try things you buy, and if for any reason you don’t like it you can replace it or get a refund, no hassle at all. In fact they are lovely about it. And of course it’s warrantied and everything.

The reason the CB6000 is such a good starting point is you get 25 different sizing configuriations in terms of ring size and gap, so you can adjust it as you go. The one thing you need a good idea of when buying metal cages, which you WILL want to upgrade to later, is those measurements. 

Also of course if you ever have to go through security a plastic one won’t set off metal detectors, so it’s great for having as a future back up

You can buy them here from Lovehoney

If you are lucky enough to have a bigger cock, so maybe 5 inches flaccid or above then the normal sized one is probaby a better bet. But from all the couples we know into this, we ALL recommend squishing in smaller cages if you can, from both a comfort perspective, and also it’s kinda hot.

They have an offer to get a free cleaning kit (on the UK site at least) too at the moment.

They come with a padlock and the plastic numbered tags you can use for airports etc.

Or here is their entire Cock Cage range. Again the 365 return period applies on any of them so it’s a completely legitimate way to try them out and see if they are for you.They have the most amazing customer service I’ve encountered, discreet, friendly, helpful. I end up chatting away to them if I ever have to call! lol

Lovehoney Cock Cages

We get a small commission from them (but were using them for 10 years before I even started this blog so we don’t recommend them because of that) so if you do buy anything from them, thank you for supporting us!

Which reminded me to see if there were any discount codes and hubby found some!!!!

UK purchases – Enter AFFUK1575 on the discount code page to save £15

Canada – AFFCA150 saves you 20% if you spend over $150

USA – XMASFLASH saves 20% when you spend $60

Australia – XMASFLASH saves 20% when you spend $80

Thanks to hubby for finding those! Hopefully the links will take you right there. If not go to this page and type them in manually:

Lovehoney Offer Code Page

The XMASFLASH codes end today though, so don’t miss out!!! (No idea when the others run out)

Hi! How’s the idea of making a mould of your husband’s penis and using that to make a dildo for him to use on you?

We did try one of those ‘Clone a Willy’ sets  and it was quite fun (although pretty tricky to get right!), but now we have our King Cock dildo, I don’t want a downgrade 😛

Can you see why?

Black Friday just got 25% blacker(?) at Lovehoney


So I posted about the quite impressive Black Friday discounts that our favourite sex toy resellers, Lovehoney were offering. It just got even better.

You can now get an extra 25% off if you spend £25 (UK) or $100 (US). Yeah, I know, we get a better deal here in Britland, but have you seen the price of our gas? Suck it up.

Anyway, to get the extra discount:

  1. Go to Lovehoney’s Offer Code Page
  2. Enter in 25OFF (US) or 25OFF25 (UK)
  3. Buy great stuff in the Black Friday deals
  4. Wait in eager anticipation for it to arrive
  5. Blow your mind (if it doesn’t, you get a year to send it back, neat!)

Deals change three times a day but from the current crop this vibrating remote control butt plug looks like fun:

It’ll obviously work great slid in your pussy too (don’t switch holes without giving it a proper clean, obvs) . But that’s down to $23 which seems like a great deal. Or it’s down to £17.99 on the UK site

Besides the fact it vibrates and is remote controlled, this ‘anchor’ shape of butt plug is far and away the best in my experience. Seriously, I don’t know who designs these things but most butt plugs just don’t actually fit well where they’re meant to go! This type does for most in my experience, and the fact it’s also beautifully shaped to slide in your pussy and vibrate inside and all over your labia makes it look like a lot of fun. Great reviews too.

Guess what button he just clicked…

lol that last picture!!!

It’s Black Friday for Sex Toys too!


I was wondering when this would happen, and it has. Lovehoney’s got on the Black Friday bandwagon, hurrah.

As it says below, the deals change three times a day. I’ll keep an eye out for particularly good ones but I thought you might like to know about it too. Here’s a banner I blatantly stole from their email to make me look professional.

Find out what their latest deals are

Right now the US site has my favourite rechargeable bullet vibe reduced from $40 to $27.99, which is a bargain.

The Rocks Off Ignition Rechargeable Bullet Vibe

You can read more about it on our recommended sex toys page

If you find a good deal post it in the notes so people see it!

There’s also an additional 20% off if you buy two vibes (get a wand, a WAND I tell you – $40 off atm) and that should stack with Black Friday prices (US and UK only, maybe?)

Plus 20% off for buying two bondage items too, but it’s not a huge range included. I guess that might change every day? Dunno. Right now the male crotchless latex open leotard is included… 

…and I was wondering what to wear for Christmas with the in-laws

Lovehoney Black Friday Deals – don’t miss out

I was just going to post about this but I’ll steal this one instead as I’m loving the leotard, lol

I had a quick browse and the 3 inch extender that we really like is currently half price (and it’s the one that vibrates, fancy!!!) £35 reduced to £17.50 but that might end at 6pm I guess?

Penis Extenders at Lovehoney

And in general they’ve got a 25% off if you buy two extension or enlarging toys, which could be useful!! lol

‘I know it aches, but I like big cocks and this makes it bigger, doesn’t it! Yes it’ll get smaller when we take it off so we’ll just leave it in there for now, I like how it looks. It doesn’t matter you can’t touch it, you weren’t going to cum anyway.’

Regarding the leotard though, no thanks BUT on our friend Emma’s advice we did buy a pair of cut out briefs:

and they honestly look so hot with him in a cage too. it just sticks out so perfectly when caged through the hole. It’s the only male ‘sexy undies’ that I’ve ever found remotely erotic. They’re in the 20% off bondage sale mentioned above.

If hubby ever has cause to wear a kilt he is TOTALLY wearing these underneath!

Locktober 2017 – Day 17

Toy time!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Pampering, teasing and then ideally some of you managed to make them cum in their cages! If you haven’t checked in on how horny that’s left them, it’s definitely worth a text. ‘How horny are you now baby? You realise this means I don’t ever have to take you out?’ LOL

Okay, so firstly, if you did make them cum in their cage, and left them in… well you may want to take them out. Then again, you may not! It’s totally up to you at this point. If you’ve been doing even half of the stuff so far you’ll be starting to get an idea of what excites you most, so just trust your instinct and decide if you prefer to leave them locked up or get them out to play with them tonight.

All of this chastity journey started with hubby and I looking at sex toys together last year, and him suggesting it might be fun to try a cock cage. So, we love sex toys.

We’ve had then in various forms from before we were married. He bought me my first vibrator as a birthday present (I know, what a romantic!), and well we’ve built up quite the collection!

Tonight there are three things we’re going to do, not all of them might apply.

Firstly, I’m going to encourage you to go through your toy collection, if you have some. Have a look at what you have and maybe pick out some you haven’t used for a while to try out!

Secondly I’d like you to do what we do, browse some sex toys online and see if there’s anything you should be getting.

Lastly I’ll give you some specific heads up on toys you might want to get for chastity play, for Locktober and beyond.

Mostly when we recommend toys we also add a link to Lovehoney (except some cages which we like but they don’t sell). We do benefit from an affiliate link with them but we’d recommend them regardless. They’re they only toy store we’ve ever used I think, apart from maybe some random Anne Summers purchases!

The main reason we recommend them is the amazing fact that they offer free returns, no questions asked, for a whole year after you buy from them! For us that’s a great thing as it means we can recommend stuff and if you don’t like it, well, no problem, just send it back! But also it means you can try things if you’re not sure about it, and just return it, used, yes used! To them if you don’t like it. They even include the returns label in the box!

Also,everything is very discreet, the packaging is plain, the credit card bill is just LH Trading or something like that, and while you can deal with them online, actually their customer service team are SO lovely.

Anyway, back to the plan!

Something Old

So have a look through your toys, relive some memories, and take some time to have some fun. It may be some new ones you want to use (I’m think our King Cock might be making an appearance!) or perhaps look back at the oldest ones you have. (Also, toys do die over time, if a toy’s got all manky, just throw it out and make some space!).

So perhaps you could pick a favourite toy each to play with, or maybe there’s some you’ve bought but never used, get them out now and, at the very least, TALK about them, why you got them in the first place, why you haven’t used them, and whether you should try them, now, or another time!

Something new

So, another fun activity is heading over to Lovehoney and just browsing different departments! As with all I recommend, try to do this in a completely positive way, no silly reactions to things your partner might be curious about. Laughing is great, pulling a face and looking disgusted, not so good! It’s just like fantasies, they are just curious, and wondering if you are curious too. So have an explore, laugh or scream at some of the crazy toys there are out there! Maybe even decide to try some! It’s so much easier when you realise you’re just trying them out and can send them back for free if you don’t like it.

Their special offers pages are always worth a look and they always have a Deal of the Day with an extra large discount.

The two for 25 is always a great place to bag a bargain in my experience, and the 3 for 10 deal are lots of cheap fun things, but handy for getting over the free delivery threshold!

Something borrowed, something blue?

Hmm,well maybe not, although the strap on I recommend is purple… And that’s what this section is. Some of the specific toys we’ve found most helpful for our chastity play together. Our personal recommendations and ones that you’d benefit from having if you’re enjoying this journey and are willing to try being a bit kinkier!


Lube, you need lube. If you don’t think you do, you’re wrong!

Lube for toys, especially butt plugs and big dildos, sure but we use by far the most for putting on him when edging him, and also for lubricating the cage.

Lovehoney’s Lube Selection

Best lube for handjobs and edging – Silicon Lubes (they are crazy slippery and last for ages

Silicon lubes are also best for applying to your age as they don’t react if it’s a plastic one and they stay slippery all night or all day.

Do NOT use water based lubes for these purposes, they just dry out and go sticky! Water based lubes are only really good for dildos/strap ons etc where they will be going in the woman as her natural lubrication keeps them from going sticky. Oh and for blowjobs, as they can be flavoured.


You either want small and powerful – ideally rechargable like these great Rocks Off brand ones.


Rocks Off Ignition

Or you want to go big and SUPER powerful, as with these wand type mains powered vibes. Don’t buy the classic Hitachi Wand though, it only has two, way too strong, power levels, try one of these instead.

Finally our most expensive, but very cool, vibrator is the WeVibe. This is just for me, and is a clever shape that goes on my clitoris and my g-spot at the same time. You can use it alone or during love making to add pressure and vibrations to your g-spot (feels amazing). But, the best feature… is it’s remote controlled, from ANYWHERE! So hubby can use the phone app to turn it on and off and change the patterns.

To say it’s useful for phone sex is something of an understatement. A friend told me they are all the rage in the armed forces for tours of duty apart, to the extent they tell each other they better get a We-vibe if they want to keep their woman!!!! lol


The We-Vibe 4 with remote control and phone App!!!

Butt plugs

We both like using these, but most designs are rubbish and painful to wear! Our favourite by far are these RollPlay ones with a ball inside that silently rolls around and keeps you aware you’re wearing it.


We haven’t dared try the large, medium and small do us fine!

For chastity play, they help keep him aroused and act like a catalyst for horniness in our experience.

He likes to make me wear them out to dinners so we have the shared secret of being naughty together. I have yet to make him wear one to a dinner but now I think of it…

Specific plugs to massage or stimulate the prostate are also interesting and in combination with a vibrator, as some of you may have found last night, can produce explosive results!


Covered this before in Locktober but under the bed restraints make light bondage an instant option. Nice comfy velcro strap make it a breeze to get either of us in or out of them, and tucked away out of sight with no hassle. A permanent fixture on our bed!

Strap ons

I’ve written at length about Why I Love our Strap-on – but in short, it’s a brilliant toy to combine with him being caged. He can wear it above his caged cock and so you can still have, much extended, love making sessions but he’s super horny and doesn’t cum, leave a mess in your or run out of libido until you are well and truly done.

I know, it sounds crazy kinky but this is so damn hot.

And of course, for the brave, the woman can wear it and use it on him for ‘pegging’. We’ll talk about this more but, if he’s really into chastity play already, it’s very, very VERY likely he’d at least gets turned on by the idea.

I wasn’t at all eager when he brought it up at first but actually, unlike all the silly captions, it can be very sensual indeed, and it’s genuinely how men are wired. They have a prostate gland that means they can cum from anal. Us women don’t! Seems a waste to not even try it…

The dildo that comes with the above recommended strap on is PERFECT for pegging if you are ever going to try it.

Leaving the best to last

Now my favourite toy, well, at least tied with my vibrators, is our King Cock Extra Girthy Dildo. It’s big, it’s really big, not crazy big but, yeah… And it looks and feels AMAZING.

I was scared the first time we opened this, but when I’m relaxed and ready, and it’s lubed, whether I used it, or he does, or he puts it on our strap on (because it is designed to easily go onto the one we recommended above) – it is mind blowing.


Just trust me on this, you want to get one.

I hope that’s been useful and not JUST sounded like some big sales pitch. Please feel free to visit Lovehoney or your favourite store directly if you object to us using affiliate links, we don’t make much off it but it all helps me justify the time I spend on this blog to hubby!

Either way, we live in a wonderful age where we have all these fun toys to enhance our sex life. Wherever you are with your exploration, I hope we have encouraged you to go a little further and have more fun together!

Jane xxx

Some great deals in a weekend sale from Lovehoney (US)

Just a quick head’s up, Lovehoney US has got a half price sale on till Sunday night. It includes two penis extenders that we were writing about recently so might be worth checking out!

Lovehoney Half Price Sex Toy Sale – USA

They’ve got a few notable items worth checking out:

This extender with a vibrator in it too is interesting. I’d guess the vibe isn’t great and not sure what it’d add but the extender is the same as we have besides that and highly recommended!

They have the black one too without the vibe in it reduced to $20

And some of you might like this:

Looks kind of big though, wow… 12 good items half price, so definitely worth having a look! Plus Lovehoney give us a small commission so no pressure but you’re supporting the blog if you buy from them! Thank you!!!!

Here’s the link to the sale page – it expires tomorrow midnight

Lovehoney Half Price Sex Toy Sale – USA